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It’s no secret that smartphones have taken the world by storm; a recent survey found that almost 80% of Australians have one. This is a massive market, one that you can’t afford to leave untapped. More and more businesses are creating apps and having great success-it opens a whole new channel for customers that focuses intensely on user experience. Mobile app development just might be the edge your company needs, and here’s why.


1. App usage is on the Rise

Worldwide mobile app downloads are expected to reach over 200 billion by 2017. With such a stunning number of apps being downloaded, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are turning to this opportunity to reach users in a new and engaging way. In a world increasingly driven by mobile devices, designing an app can be the perfect way to reach consumers. It’s a digital world, so digital marketing only makes sense.


2. Apps provide a unique way of engaging customers

With so many people reaching for their mobile device, designing an app becomes a smart way to reach out to these tech dependent consumers. Apps can provide location specific information, giving customers a more personalised and user-friendly experience. In addition to this, apps are guaranteed to be easy to navigate from a mobile device, as that’s what they’re built for.


3. It provides a new channel for communication

Many apps come with something called push notifications, which are messages that pop up on the user’s phone alerting them to important information. These can be a valuable tool to get in contact with customers, providing them information about sales, special events, or new products. And this is a two-way street, as an app can make you seem more reachable as well. Apps are an easy outlet to provide answers to questions or contact information.


4. App design can set you apart from your competitors

While many businesses now have responsive mobile sites, mobile apps are not something that everyone has. Providing multiple ways for customers to find you on their mobile device will help you break through the clutter and help establish a more lasting relationship with them. The easier you are to find, the more people you’ll attract, so why not let a mobile app store be yet another place people can find you?


5. It offers possibilities that a website doesn’t

Mobile apps have been growing more and more creative. Some offer loyalty programs that you can access at the tap of a button, some let you virtually try on products, and some have even branched into the realm of augmented reality. The amount of creative possibilities that apps offer is truly boundless, allowing your business the chance to set yourself apart and really shine in the eyes of your customers.

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