What Is Your Identity?

Whether it's building a new brand or re-hashing an existing one, we'll make you stand out.

A brand is a collection of experiences your customers perceive when they think of your company. Every time a customer interacts with your business in an advertisement, a blog, or a service, these experiences grow. As such, a brand encompasses logos, colours, graphics, and fonts, but it also represents much more. Your brand is your company’s identity. At Whitehat, our branding agency Sydney team designs beautiful logos and images easily shareable in print and web, incorporating all aspects of a brand into our design process.

Create Individuality With Our Branding Agency Sydney Team

Branding is everything. Your brand represents who you are as a team and as a company, so it needs to be personalised to your values and vision. It is essential that you create an impression on your customers, reinforcing trust and credibility through a finely tuned brand name, logo and reputation. Your brand will be in mind when our branding agency Sydney team are creating digital marketing solutions, so it is crucial that it be a brand to be proud of, a brand that improves customer recognition and represents a positive perception of your business.

Our branding agency Sydney team work collaboratively with you to truly understand what your brand means to you, whether it be creating it from the ground up, or incorporating it into digital marketing strategies. Our branding agency Sydney team focuses on you and who you are to help you brand your business in the best way possible.


78% of consumers believe that companies focused on custom content are more trustworthy.
It takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo.
Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than we process words. So, graphic design and logos matter.


The Process


The first step is to conduct research into what direction the branding will take. This can entail interviews with you about your particular needs and requirements; research into audience expectations; competitor research; and goals for the new branding

Idea Generation & Sketches

We will go through two iterations of idea generation and sketches to give a feel for the design direction. At each iteration we will ask you for your extensive feedback regarding the ideas and sketches, before proceeding towards the final branding.

Logo Design

Our branding agency Sydney team will create a unique logo for you, designed to serve as a timeless and sublime identity. The final design for the logo will be the logo vector and image files, in various formats, and for use in both web and print.

Branding Guidelines

We will produce a branding guideline for the new brand, including logo usage and placement; colour palette guideline and any other special requirements of language, image use, and typography.

Content Creation

Once the brand is finalised, we will produce content/assets using the newly created brand. E.g. – business cards, social media cover photos, different variations of the logo for different platforms.


What Our Clients Say About Us


Whitehat Agency have been an essential digital partner for ORIX Australia. They have uplifted our digital presence and cemented our position as an industry leader. The Whitehat Agency team are an asset to our organisation and we look forward to continuing work with them in the future.


Myles Bertrand, ORIX


When I first came to Whitehat Agency I wasn’t sure how we would build the brand, develop the website, all the content and go live before Christmas. But I was amazed when I saw the final product. The best part of all, with the ongoing marketing you helped me do over $100k in sales in 6 weeks. Thank you so much.


Antonio, GetFish

Our team worked on the branding for one of Australia’s best cricketers, Mitchell Starc, designing a logo that would incorporate his jersey number, number 56, and the initial ‘M’ in an elegant and sleek design.

“Hi Shuey, thank you so much to you and your team on building this strong brand and stunning website.

It looks great !”


Mitchell Starc



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