Growth Hacking

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Avant-garde marketing techniques that rapidly grow your business to new heights.

Each strategy we implement is created with growth as the main objective. Growth hacking provides tangible and measurable data that we can use to better comprehend what is the most successful and beneficial path towards accelerated business growth. This tactic can be implemented for all business types, no matter the size, it’s a cost-effective solution that focuses on building the company’s user base through solutions such as social media, targeted advertising and email marketing.

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Think of growth hacking like an elevator, a quick short term solution to get you where you to the highest point in the shortest time possible. Other marketing strategies are implemented for the long-term and advance at a steady progression, so growth hacking is most valuable for start-up and small businesses that need a push to create and increase their online presence. Do you think your target audience knows your name? Are you on the level you expected?

This solution can be great ‘hack’, focusing on the consumer base and area of expertise the business excels in. Once a consumer base is established and understood, we recommend browser notifications. Notifying users of new products or services, discount based incentives and holiday promotions can increase audience interactions and reinforce your brand name.

Whitehat has an 80% Open Rate, the highest in the industry.
We have a 15-60% Click Rate, also the highest in the industry.
Our growth hacking strategy boosted our client, GetFish to 1009 subscribers in under 3 months.


The Process


We implement AdWords, digital advertisements and Facebook ads to draw the audience’s attention into your business.

Viral acquisition

We strategist incentives to offer customers, such as bonuses, product discounts and gifts, in order to spread the word about the products in a business.

A/B testing and Analytics

We implement A/B testing and data analytics to improve conversion rates and increase the online presence of small businesses and startups.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Growth Hacking

Whitehat Agency have been an essential digital partner for ORIX Australia. They have uplifted our digital presence and cemented our position as an industry leader. The Whitehat Agency team are an asset to our organisation and we look forward to continuing work with them in the future.


Myles Bertrand, ORIX

Growth Hacking

When I first came to Whitehat Agency I wasn’t sure how we would build the brand, develop the website, all the content and go live before Christmas. But I was amazed when I saw the final product. The best part of all, with the ongoing marketing you helped me do over $100k in sales in 6 weeks. Thank you so much.


Antonio, GetFish
Growth Hacking

Our team worked on the branding for one of Australia’s best cricketers, Mitchell Starc, designing a logo that would incorporate his jersey number, number 56, and the initial ‘M’ in an elegant and sleek design.

“Hi Shuey, thank you so much to you and your team on building this strong brand and stunning website.

It looks great !”


Mitchell Starc




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