AI in marketing 2018

Search engines are constantly advancing to benefit the user, and innovative marketing specialists are taking advantage of the opportunities of AI in marketing 2018. AI has been utilised to streamline ad campaigns, collect data, decide the value and relevance of web content and perceive customer segments, but what our specialists at Whitehat have come to realise, is that AI technology can significantly enhance SEO services through automation, insights and personalisation.

Artificial intelligence allows us to gather personalised data about a specific audience and create further personalised content based on those findings, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

We are able to effectively shape our content strategy through the opportunities that artificial intelligence provides. Google is constantly updating and changing its algorithm, so it can feel difficult to completely understand how to effectively optimise for search. But these challenges can bring about opportunities to incorporate technological innovation into our content marketing strategies.

Data Has A Better Idea

AI in marketing 2018 is moving ahead of SERP with 37 search engine categories. We know that Google uses AI to match search to user intent through RankBrain Technology and AI advancements significantly enhance SEO as the algorithm listens and learns to understand how people are clicking on results and take into consideration; area, favourite websites, search history, and other customer’s behaviour from the same search query.

AI can improve the performance of SEO through personalisation, automation, insights by processing and interpreting patterns in data and surfacing new insights at an extreme level, that are essential to making informed decisions.

While it’s our responsibility to create valuable and quality content, AI can help discover the best SEO strategies and effectively implement them while delivering better and more personalised content for the user. Not only will it help to understand the audience behaviour, AI in marketing 2018 can also generate ideas for content that will bring traffic and revenue. AI can help you answer questions like “what type of content do my customers want to read?”, “How do I move my customers from an awareness stage, through to consideration and decision?”

It’s no secret that the SEO industry is constantly changing to benefit the user, so marketing strategies need to adapt. The keyword research process is becoming more intelligent, creating pillar pages and topic clusters and finding relevant mobile search phrases as Google now recognises intent behind search queries. In order to rank and for Google to see your content as valuable, you should be using AI in marketing 2018 as a part of your content strategy.

Here, at Whitehat Agency, our specialists are dedicated to staying ahead of the game and adapting our marketing strategies to the advancing and dynamic industry. If you’d like to know more, or if you have any questions about how artificial intelligence and SEO could benefit your business, contact us today.

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