Landing Pages

Landing Pages are standalone web pages specifically designed to support a marketing campaign. The page is usually driven to by a link in an email or ad. The main purpose of a Landing page is to promote a singular goal. For this reason, a landing page won’t be as in-depth as a regular web page. Most of the time this goal will be to acquire a conversion, whether that conversion is an email sign up, competition entry or an actual sale. Because there aren’t as many bells and whistles or distractions on a landing page, there is less chance of split focus. This is why they are so good at converting.

If you’re looking for a little extra punch in your marketing strategy, The knowledgeable Web Design team at Whitehat are well experienced in landing pages, with tried and tested strategies to elevate their usefulness.

Talk to the team today and find out how you can, with our help, use landing pages to your benefit.

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