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Research and Data Analysis

Ensure The Credibility And Integrity Of Your Business

Sydney's best Research Team to test the market and find out what your customers are looking for.

Our specialists conduct market research, gather and analyse data in order to better understand the trends of your customer audience and their behaviour in interacting with your website. The collected data allows the conclusions and established solutions to be better refined and tailored to meet the goals and objectives and further business growth. Our market research Sydney team administrates transparent and ethical research to conclude an analysis based off true and valuable findings to ensure the credibility and integrity of your business.

Understand your Target Audience With Our Market Research Sydney Team

The discovery stage enables us to understand your priorities: your mission, vision, target markets, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses, strategies and challenges for the future. Understanding comes from various sources — from gaining an insight through the customer’s perspective to interviewing key stakeholders.

Our market research Sydney team will conduct the gathering, evaluation and interpretation of data affecting customer preferences, revealing new insights and opportunities. Qualitative research will be used to reveal customers’ perceptions, beliefs, feelings and motives. Quantitative research will be used to create statistically relevant market information.

Competitor research is a dynamic, data-gathering process. We will examine the competition’s brands, key messages, and identity in the marketplace, from brand marks and tag-lines to ads and websites. The greater your insight into the competition, the greater your competitive edge.

The Process

Define objective

Determine research design – develop a research plan (interviews, surveys, testing, review analytics, A/B testing)

Collect data

Analyse data and report conclusions

Take action and develop marketing campaigns


What Our Clients Say About Us

Research and Data Analysis

Whitehat Agency have been an essential digital partner for ORIX Australia. They have uplifted our digital presence and cemented our position as an industry leader. The Whitehat Agency team are an asset to our organisation and we look forward to continuing work with them in the future.


Myles Bertrand, ORIX

Research and Data Analysis

When I first came to Whitehat Agency I wasn’t sure how we would build the brand, develop the website, all the content and go live before Christmas. But I was amazed when I saw the final product. The best part of all, with the ongoing marketing you helped me do over $100k in sales in 6 weeks. Thank you so much.


Antonio, GetFish
Research and Data Analysis

Our team worked on the branding for one of Australia’s best cricketers, Mitchell Starc, designing a logo that would incorporate his jersey number, number 56, and the initial ‘M’ in an elegant and sleek design.

“Hi Shuey, thank you so much to you and your team on building this strong brand and stunning website.

It looks great !”


Mitchell Starc
Research and Data Analysis

Our journey with Whitehat Agency so far has been nothing but positive! The level of ROI they have helped us achieve has been great & the team is always suggesting new ideas we can implement to improve this.


Ben Germein




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