With the maturity of Search Engine algorithms and the fierce competition that companies face when ranking for high volume keywords, it can be scary moving to a new website, especially when the content is being updated and even more so if the primary URL is changing.

So when the NRL approached us with the brief that they were moving to a new CMS… with a new URL… with new content… we put on our strategy boots and brought in our expertise to help them successfully complete the migration while maintaining their SEO rankings.

Nrl Website Design



Over a two day workshop, Whitehat Agency collaborated with NRL’s internal team to understand the potential implications of this migration. We collected and analysed data to identify the current market position, ensuring that a clear benchmark had been set. The migration was classified using our site migration framework and we flagged any potential risks due to domain changes, installation of a new CMS, content restructuring, hierarchy and navigation updates and site performance.


Following the discovery phase, we delivered a comprehensive Go-live strategy, outlining the technical details that would enable the NRL to maintain their rankings during the migration process. Guidelines were also delivered around implementing Video SEO, User Experience, Redirects, Domain Authority and Mobile Experience.

Nrl Website

Additionally, Whitehat Agency acted as the primary point of contact to help the NRL obtain Google News Publisher status! Prior to this, the hundreds of articles posted on the NRL website were not being indexed in the “News” section of Google. This continues to help the NRL increase website traffic and receive large amounts of visibility that was previously being missed.

Nrl Website News On Google


Traffic Recovered

In 60 Days


Increase In Traffic

6 Months After Launch

Google News

Publisher Status Obtained

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