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Results focused SEO services that drives profitable business growth. Use the power of SEO to bring in the right traffic to your business.


Work with an award winning SEO company to boost your sales fast.

We offer your business affordable yet bespoke services in a landscape otherwise teeming with banality.

Choosing Whitehat Agency as your SEO agency means choosing to work with an SEO company that values long-term growth for your business above all else.

We focus on building a solid SEO foundation that is more than just rankings or traffic. Our focus is to help you scale your business with innovative SEO strategies.

Our clients trust us because of our deeply personalised approach to each and every SEO marketing campaign.

Our SEO strategies are specialised for your business and industry, and we treat every business as if it were our own.

We’ll work with you to find out what works to boost your search engine rankings and implement a comprehensive strategy that will have you on the first page of Google.


See how businesses like yours are gaining great success with SEO services that produce real results.

Managing Director of C3 Education

91% Increase in organic traffic

James Gosselin

53% increase in organic traffic

“We’ve increased our organic traffic by 91%.
The Fact is we’re getting more sign on’s, converting more leads into clients”

Christine Lam – Managing Director of C3 Education

“We’ve seen some terrific results in our website traffic alone in just six months we’ve seen a 53% increase in people coming to our site”

James Gosselin – Sales Manager


Whitehat Agency VS Other SEO Companies

ROI Icon

6.1x Return on investment

On average we achieve an ROI of 6.1X for our SEO clients.

Revenue Generation

128% Revenue generation

On average our SEO clients see a revenue increase of 128% over 24 months.

User engage

83%Faster results

We get our clients keywords on page 1 of Google 83% faster than the industry average.

Keywords Tracked

31%Growth in organic traffic

On average our clients see an increase in organic traffic by 31% year on year.

Stats such as these is why we are considered the best SEO agency in Australia.

Grow your business with quantifiable positive ROI. Gain the advantage of market-leading depth of knowledge and bespoke strategies.


SEO services Australia suitable for all business types.

Benefits of SEO

Outrank your competitors with smart SEO marketing.

Truly engage with your customers through your website presence by implementing smart SEO.

If you are sick of losing customers to competitors, let Whitehat Agency help you turn the tide in your favour.

Work with us to beat your competition with our smart SEO marketing strategies that are implemented for the sole purpose of helping you capture a bigger market share and to scale your business.

SEO allows your business to be promoted 24/7 as the website ranking increases. Our SEO strategies help scale businesses by building credibility and trust with your audience.

Through various technical and content related SEO strategies, we will help improve your brand awareness by educating your audience and helping you get a higher return on investment.

Measurable data is fundamental in digital marketing, that is why we analyse trends carefully to see what works and what doesn’t; this way, we determine the best SEO strategies to be implemented that can be tailored to your specific industry and business.


Benefits of working with us as your SEO company.

why choose wha for seo

Your own dedicated team in Sydney.

  • Sydney based dedicated team
  • Experience working with local and international brands
  • Scheduled meetings and check ins
  • Dedicated Sydney Based Account Manager

Strategic implementation.

  • Proven results time after time
  • Accurate conversion tracking
  • Official Google Partner
  • Competitor monitoring

Strategies for efficient results.

  • Fast results
  • Measurable increase in business growth
  • Positive return on your investment
  • Strategic business growth advice

Consistent ongoing monitoring.

  • Constant communications
  • Meticulous reporting
  • KPI monitoring
  • Constant and ongoing improvements


The unique approach that makes us the best SEO Sydney agency.

To be considered the best SEO agency in Australia our SEO marketing strategies must work fast and increase organic traffic quickly to maximise sales. We focus on 8 core stages within our SEO process to improve our clients’ search rankings.


Website Audit
Keyword Research
SEO Competitor Research
SEO Based Copywriting
Onsite SEO
Link Building

Website Audit

We start by reviewing your website and current SEO to assess where you’re at and what changes need to made.

We’ll check keywords, links, load speed, and more and then deliver a report and what areas need some extra help.


Keyword Research

This involves the keywords your target market is using to search for products or services like your own.

We look at what keywords you could be using to better appear in search pages, and then help you integrate those keywords throughout your site in the form of relevant content.


SEO Competitor Research

We conduct thorough research on your competitors and their SEO performance.

This way, you know what you’re up against and how your SEO is giving you a leg up.

We keep track of your competition, so you don’t have to!


SEO Based Copywriting

Our professional copywriters work to ensure that your pages are both search-engine friendly and answer your customers’ needs.

We work to write lively, engaging content that offers genuine solutions to visitors, striking the perfect balance between search engine friendly and human friendly.


Onsite SEO

SEO is about more than just keywords. Search engines use algorithms made up of many components to determine the helpfulness of your website.

Some of these metrics include load speed, internal links, and content placement.

We work to make sure that your website is in the best possible shape for both search engine rankings and for the customers who visit.


Link Building

Links help signal to search engines the popularity, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness of websites.

We’ll analyse your existing links and see which ones are weak and which ones are performing well.

From this, we will work to build links that will help your SEO.



We design & deploy SEO strategies that transform businesses.

We are growth obsessed.

Founded in 2014 out of frustration that no other SEO agency was delivering results, Whitehat Agency’s aim was to be the best SEO company in Australia.

After years of refining our SEO strategies, we can confidently say that we have accomplished our goal of becoming one of the top SEO service providers in Australia.

We have won numerous awards such as Best SEO Agency in Australia, Digital Marketing Agency of the year, Social Media Marketing campaign of the year etc.

We continue to drive exceptional value and fast, profitable business growth for all our clients and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Our SEO Services are all Whitehat; it would be weird if they weren’t considering our name. When you hire us as your SEO agency, you have peace of mind knowing that our advanced SEO strategies will drive more qualified traffic to your website that will convert into sales.


Our bespoke SEO approach for longterm sustainable growth in rankings.

Months 1–3
Months 4-6
Months 7-9
Months 10-12

Months 1–3

  • Overall 12 month SEO campaign strategy
  • Identifying the 3 month SEO focus
  • Customer dashboard with live data
  • SEO goal setting and setting KPIs
  • Collaboration with client and their team
  • Full SEO audit
  • Keyword Research and Recommendations
  • Setting target keyword list
  • Website information architecture updates
  • Identify key pillar pages and set target keywords for each
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring
  • Setting up redirects
  • Search console setup and monitoring
  • Robots.txt checks and fixes
  • Site map checks and fixes
  • Tracking setup
  • Organic traffic performance monitoring
  • Organic traffic ROI monitoring
  • Creation of a 12 month content calendar
  • Monthly detailed reports and insights setup
  • Setting up monthly catch ups
+View (12) More Implementation Items – View Less Implementation Items

Months 4-6

  • Analysing previous 3 months results
  • Updating strategy if required
  • Identifying focus for 3 months
  • Technical SEO audit and fixes
  • Backlink audit and clean up
  • Updating content on key pillar pages
  • Website information architecture updates
  • Fixes to duplicate content issues
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Website code error fixes
  • Advice on other potential business growth opportunities
  • Backlinks to key pillar pages
  • Blogs/Articles writing
+View (4) More Implementation Items – View Less Implementation Items

Months 7-9

  • Analysing previous 3 months results
  • Updating strategy if required
  • Identifying focus for 3 months
  • On-page SEO optimisations
  • Internal linking
  • Building backlinks to key pillar pages
  • Content gap analysis and fixes
  • Article/blog writing
  • Re-submitting URLs to be fetched by Google
  • Focus on keywords that are on page 2 to be brought onto page 1
  • Google My Business optimisations
  • Fix any new technical issues
  • Audit website speed and apply fixes
+View (4) More Implementation Items – View Less Implementation Items

Months 10-12

  • Analysing previous 3 months results
  • Updating strategy if required
  • Identifying focus for 3 months
  • User experience optimisations
  • Advance schema markups – Reviews, FAQs etc
  • Voice SEO
  • Backlinks to key pillar pages
  • Blogs/Articles writing
  • Bing Optimisations and indexing
  • Longtail keyword opportunities
  • Targeting higher search volume keywords
  • Keywords on page 1 to be pushed higher towards position 1
  • Goals and KPI review
  • Target setting for next 12 months
+View (5) More Implementation Items – View Less Implementation Items


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Full Star
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“We have increased our return on ad spend by 103% month on month. Whitehat have helped us maintain consistently high ROAS while helping upscale our facebook spend”

Saeed Co-Owner, Nuts About Life


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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

You’ve probably heard the term SEO thrown around, but what does that mean? SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and basically, it is taking steps to effectively make sure your business is recognised on Google or other search engines alike. Why is this important for your business? You need to be seen to make an impact. Do you think if Mcdonald’s was hidden behind a building and didn’t have those beaming golden arches on the side of the road, you’d stop to get a big mac? No, you’d probably drive past, not knowing it was even there. Being seen is just as important on the web. Simply put, if you aren’t seen on search engines, your business will not scale.

The goal should be to rank #1 on a search engine, so your business is getting as much organic and paid traffic as possible, leading to more eyes and ultimately sales, maximising potential and growth. We know that from page 1 alone on Google, the first five sites listed make up for a massive 67% of all clicks and that 75% of users never make it past page 1. It stands to show that if you don’t rank on page one, there is a strong chance you’re missing a large customer base. This is where SEO comes in. While there are a bunch of complexities when it comes to SEO, the general concept is relatively easy to grasp.

Search engines like Google have algorithms in place to make sure they are providing the best possible service to their users. These algorithms determine the usability, quality, and relevance of a website and its content, in direct correlation to what the user is searching for. The algorithm is used to collate data, helping understand exactly what your website is about. From that understanding, it then ranks the site accordingly based on the factors previously mentioned. SEO is a process Digital Marketing Agencies like Whitehat use to make businesses stand out to search engines. If you are selling lawnmowers, you need engaging, informative content that reflects this in any way possible; this way, anyone that searches for ‘lawnmowers’ is pushed to your site, and it’s in front of the audience it needs to be. SEO puts this practice into action.

Why is Whitehat the best SEO Agency In Australia?

Why is Whitehat the best SEO Agency In Australia?

Finding the right SEO Agency and choosing a team to trust with your business can be challenging and arduous. At Whitehat Agency, we are known for our ethical practices and industry leading results in SEO, and there’s a reason for that. We deeply care about the quality of SEO results we achieve for each one of our clients. We treat your business as if it were our own, and we see your business not for what it is but for what it could be with the right SEO strategy.

Our SEO strategies are always personalised to the business, the industry, the competition, the search landscape and the constantly updating algorithm. Our global team stays up to date with current algorithm updates and are addicted to the rush of seeing a new client increasing their rankings for their top keyword. We get to know your business well and obsess over details. We work alongside our clients to select the most effective strategy and educate them, explaining why we recommend a specific strategy, backing everything up with data.

As a full service digital marketing agency, our SEO team interacts and works with specialists in all other areas of digital marketing. This is important when choosing an SEO Agency because having a team that understands how SEO can blend seamlessly into and support other digital marketing channels strengthens your strategy and solidifies results.

At Whitehat, we help businesses of all sizes with their SEO; however, our agile nature and versatility is what keeps us sharp and what helps us provide the best results for our clients. The final and most important difference between our competitors and us is that we don’t look at SEO as a source of rankings or traffic; we look at it as a source of revenue. The rankings can be fantastic, but if the revenue isn’t there, then the strategy isn’t effective.

If you need more confirmation on why we are the perfect fit for you and your business, take a look at our long list of client partnerships, with big names such as Microsoft trusting us with their business and SEO goals. Furthermore, our results speak for themselves and is the reason we can confidently claim to be the best SEO Agency in Australia. All you need to do is take a look at one of our case studies, and you’ll see we are the only real choice.

Do I need search engine optimisation (SEO) to grow business?

Do I need search engine optimisation (SEO) to grow business?

The short answer is YES! Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

It’s this simple; businesses need SEO because you’re missing out on customers if you’re not on page 1. If they’re not going to you, they’re going to your competitors. A recent study shows that the first three organic search ranking positions account for nearly 67% of all clicks. On top of that, 3 in 4 people won’t bother clicking on page 2; if you’re not on page 1 – you’re automatically missing out on 75% of the potential traffic share.Studies show that over 90% of all buying decisions start on search engines. This is why it is extremely important you have a professional SEO company working on your website to get it in front of potential paying customers.If you’re looking to grow or scale your business, SEO is a way of gaining customers without the hefty cost of pay per click advertising. If you’re serious about growing your business, an SEO agency is the way to go – the level of sophistication of the strategies simply can’t be matched by a one-man band.

Every business needs SEO because organic search is the primary source of website traffic on the internet. Organic search is a considerable component of most business’s website performance and plays a vital role in turning traffic into paying customers. According to current and up-to-date research, we know that a clear majority of the world that has access to the internet is visiting Google at least once a day to get valuable and relevant information. Improving your business’s online visibility as a trusted resource by Google and other search engines will ensure your customers can find you. A trusted SEO company will help you get you there. SEO also builds trust and credibility. The goal of any experienced SEO agency is to establish a strong foundation for your website with a smooth user experience that is easily discoverable in search. Appearing on the first page of Google without running Google Ads is an excellent way to build trust and credibility with your audience. Like in real life – trust isn’t built overnight. A comprehensive SEO strategy matched with a quality product or service will attract paying customers and have them coming back for more.

Your SEO rankings also significantly influence the buying cycle. It’s no secret that customers are doing their research. Whether it’s buying a product or a service, people are spending more time online searching for answers to their problems and looking for the products and services to solve them. Using SEO tactics to relay your messaging for innovative, groundbreaking products and services that provide value to your customers will be game-changing. SEO paves the way for potential customers, connecting them with businesses offering solutions to their problems.

What does all this mean?

If you’re not on Page 1, you need to be.

Whitehat Agency SEO services can help you get there. Our team of SEO experts have worked with companies of all sizes, implementing proven SEO strategies to boost their organic search rankings and crush their competition.

Why is SEO important for long time business growth?

Why is SEO important for long time business growth?

So what’s the big deal about SEO?

The premise of SEO is that it builds and continuously draws in organic website traffic by having your website sit on the first page of Google search results. Have you ever Googled a term, seen the first result pop up as an ‘Ad’, and then proceeded to click the first organic result underneath? This isn’t unusual behaviour. Many users will often ignore these paid for and labelled “Ad”s, favouring the listings that have naturally ranked the highest. This comes from a number of different reasons, including a general sense of distrust in online advertising, a fear of having their online activity tracked or the ad being irrelevant to their initial search. When search results are labelled as an “Ad”, it alerts the user someone has paid for the listing to appear there, rather than the website being awarded the authority to be ranked first. Customers understand that Google rewards search ranks for relevance and quality, or that the higher the search rank is, the more popular and thus valid the website is to their needs. This creates a sense of authentic and long-standing credibility for your company amongst the hundreds and thousands of search results available.

Once you have used SEO to climb the search ranks or make it to the first results page, the organic traffic and thus value that SEO continues to deliver has the opportunity to snowball and grow exponentially. This is because as more users are seeing, clicking through to your website and navigating it, it continues to boost your websites rank. So, good SEO will enable a company to increasingly occupy greater customer mindshare, association, and trust while bringing in more and more organic traffic. The more traffic you have, the more genuine relationships you could be establishing, not to mention driving more leads and conversions.

How long does an SEO agency take to produce results?

How long does an SEO agency take to produce results?

One of the most important things to understand about SEO is that it is an organic marketing technique.

This means that when using SEO to build brand awareness, website traffic and customer loyalty naturally, it takes time. SEO that garners ‘immediate’ results is often bad SEO: a mixture of shady blackhat practices that aim to manipulate loopholes in the algorithm to climb the search ranks quickly. While it assures some short term gratification, these practices are deemed unethical by search engine guidelines, and if picked up on, can result in some severe penalties that could knock you back further than what you started. They also ignore user experience and don’t do much to ensure that your human audiences are engaging effectively with your site or are being served the most quality content to keep them coming back.

Between website auditing, data collection, keyword research, implementation of SEO strategies and building quality content and links, SEO results can start to be seen from anywhere between 4 months to a year. SEO is also a continuous process and investment, and many factors can influence the rate at which you begin to see meaningful results. For example, competition can play a large part in the length of time required. More work may have to be required to catch up to already popular and long-standing competitors or gain ground on frequently searched keywords that already have highly saturated search results. Using a backlinking strategy (planting certified links in other domains that will bring traffic back to your website) also tends to take time to be indexed and eventually trigger an increase in ranks. Not to mention, technology and search engine platforms are also constantly changing their rules and relevant penalties. Having a website grow too fast can sometimes flag and create distrust with Google, who may be wary of manipulation or unfairly doctored results.

As SEO functions within a dynamic environment where numerous companies are also fighting for the #1 rank, SEO requires constant surveillance and upkeep. Full-service Digital Marketing Agencies such as Whitehat Agency ensure that you’re choosing the best SEO strategy for your business and making the right changes to set your company up for long term success. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

What Does An SEO Agency Do?

What Does An SEO Agency Do?

The world of SEO can seem complex and daunting and is hard to tap into without the right expertise. That’s where an SEO agency like Whitehat comes in. We start by analysing your current website and digital marketing activities and crunching the relevant numbers to see how you are performing on the search results pages. From here, we will work together with you to establish shared objectives and select an appropriate SEO strategy that will align with your company’s business activities and goals. Once this groundwork has been established, we carry out keyword research on your behalf to ensure that the targeted words and phrases provide realistic and meaningful opportunities for growth. This also includes tracking what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO, to make sure that we can always stay one step ahead in reaching your relevant audiences.

We provide professional copywriting services to build quality, unique and engaging content that will satisfy your customer’s needs while being search engine friendly. This will happen alongside enhancing internal and onsite optimisations, including improving internal linking, load speed and content placement to draw visitors in and keep them on your website for longer. This is to ensure that your website looks and performs at its best. We’ll also work on analysing, strengthening, and building website links, supporting and bolstering your SEO and giving your website authority on search engines.

An SEO agency will work hand-in-hand with you to boost your search engine ranking and in turn, your digital presence. They will produce effective SEO strategies, content and website design while regularly surveying the market for changes and updates to ensure you’re continually heading in the right direction. With the right know-how, an SEO agency will take you up the ranks in search results while delivering on increased brand awareness and website traffic.

Which Search Engines do we optimise for?

Which Search Engines do we optimise for?

While Google has always reigned as king of search engines, it is important to remember that they’re not the only player on the field. At Whitehat Agency, we aim to reach as many prospective audiences as possible effectively and allow your company to thrive on multiple digital platforms that are best suited to your strategy. This is why aside from Google we also specialise in optimising for Bing, which is owned by Microsoft and is the second-largest search engine in the world. Bing has steadily seen an increase in users, and now captures approximately 11% of Australia’s search market share. Optimising for Bing is also a valuable business opportunity as it poses the potential to reach new demographics. According to Microsoft, 81% of people who use Bing are over 35 years old, highly educated, and tend to have high household income levels. So, optimising for Bing could be a vital source of clientele and prospective customers to businesses with similar target markets.

At what stage should I hire an SEO agency?

At what stage should I hire an SEO agency?

While there is no exact time to hire an SEO agency, the sooner you do, the better.

Digital platforms are constantly evolving and becoming an increasingly important space for modern business and e-commerce. With a clear slowing in retail and traditional marketing channels, many more users and potential customers are turning to digital search engines as their first port of call in seeking information, expertise, products and services. That’s why SEO is an incredibly relevant and vital tool in harnessing organic traffic and making sure that you’re maximising your business’s visibility amongst search engine results. Acquiring the assistance of an SEO agency is also vital if you find that your website is slumping in regards to traffic and conversions, as they will quickly begin working on improving your rankings as soon as possible.

As highlighted before, SEO is a long haul strategy, and an extremely valuable long term investment for any business looking to stand out in their field. Time is an important asset for SEO marketing, so the earlier you can begin, the sooner you will see results and the more value it will generate for you in the long run. If you find that your website isn’t performing as you would like or is gaining visibility on search result pages, hiring an SEO agency would help you to begin building the foundations of a strong and sustainable online presence for you and your business.

What does it cost to hire an SEO agency?

What does it cost to hire an SEO agency?

It depends.

Your business objectives ultimately determine the cost of hiring an SEO agency and suitable SEO services, techniques, and expertise you may require to achieve them. If you find that the bounce rate for your website is high, you may wish to hire an SEO agency for onsite optimization to ensure that your website visitors are staying longer and navigating your website with ease. If you want to build and implement a holistic SEO campaign that requires a greater depth of attention, including content creation and link building, it will require more time and a larger budget. Other factors such as gaining faster results, topping competitors or targeting more popular keywords will also require a bigger budget.

Across SEO marketing agencies, there are generally three types of SEO pricing: hourly SEO rates, monthly SEO retainers, and pay for performance SEO. Depending on your SEO needs and goals, hiring costs can start from anywhere between $2,000-$3,000 per month to above $10,000. Always ensure that you are critical and sceptical of the cheapest SEO options with generous result guarantees. They can potentially be leaning more towards blackhat practices to churn quick results that are often too good to be true. This can once again harm your business and make it more difficult and costly to repair in the long term.

If you’d like to find out more concerning pricing or discuss possible avenues to enable your business to realize it’s digital potential, you can contact us.

What Is Voice SEO?

What Is Voice SEO?

The way people use search engines has changed dramatically. These days, far more people are using voice search tools such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home to find information about businesses and services.

Voice SEO is simply optimising your website so these voice assistants can access the content on your website and provide that to the user. Our voice SEO process ensures our client’s websites have the highest chance of showing up in voice search, so they don’t miss out on qualified traffic and potential sales.

Does it matter if my SEO Agency is in a different city?

Does it matter if my SEO Agency is in a different city?

As long as communication is strong and they remain accountable for results, then it absolutely doesn’t matter if your agency is based in another city. The same can’t be said for an agency in another country, this can be tricky or problematic, so it’s best to avoid this if possible and go with an SEO agency Australia.

How can SEO help my website generate more revenue?

How can SEO help my website generate more revenue?

There are many ways in which SEO marketing can boost your business’s sales and revenue.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps you generate more traffic. Acquiring more traffic in itself doesn’t increase revenue. However, traffic is very important when you’re discussing SEO ROI.

Here’s why.

You can’t sell a product or service to someone if they can’t find you online. One of the primary functions of SEO marketing is to make your site more visible in the organic search results. SEO does this by getting you out of obscurity on Page 10, 5 and even 2 of search results so that potential customers can find you and buy from you.

SEO helps you attract the right audience so that you’re getting more qualified traffic that are more likely to convert.

Gaining traffic by attracting the right audience is important. A large percentage of your website traffic needs to be; your target customers, customers ready to buy, people who engage with your brand.

Fortunately, SEO marketing can help you do this. A website optimised for SEO is built inside and out with your target customer in mind. Every image, feature, tool, page design and piece of content is built to appeal to and attract this kind of valuable traffic. Generating targeted and relevant traffic to your site will help to increase your business revenue in no time.

Effective SEO means you’re creating a better user experience for people using your website.

Popular search engines like Google track and monitor how people respond to your site. When users are satisfied with the search result they receive, Google is also satisfied that they have done their job right. More people are finding what they’re looking for and using their search engine more frequently as a result. Google benefits by giving quality sites enhanced visibility in searches. That’s the primary objective behind SEO marketing. It’s a win-win for you, Google and your customers.

This is why good Web Design is critical. When users have a greater experience on your website, they tend to:

  • Buy more
  • Try new products and services
  • Repurchase
  • Tell their friends and family
  • Leave a great review

These activities generate real revenues for your business. A recent study found that businesses who optimised their website for SEO to create a better, more engaging user experience increased revenue by a massive 400%.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps in reducing bounce rates and increasing session length, resulting in an enhanced number of conversions and revenue. Your bounce rate measures how many visitors came to your website and left without clicking on anything. As a general rule, a high bounce rate indicates users couldn’t find what they were looking for. Google typically favours sites with a bounce rate of 60% or lower in their search engine. SEO’s role isn’t just to deliver a smooth and enjoyable UX so that Google rewards your website with a higher ranking. SEO marketing applies strategies to demonstrate that you are delivering a great UX for your current and potential customers, increasing the time they spend on your website and the chances of them making a purchase.

Search engine optimisation helps you achieve a higher conversion rate, meaning more conversions and more sales. A study discovered that the conversion rate of a search engine optimised pages is 200% higher than pages that are left unoptimised. This means SEO web design generates more visitors that become solid leads.

From a marketing perspective, establishing a strong SEO presence is one of the best strategies you can use to increase sales and help your business grow. With PPC advertising, you pay to have your ads shown to viewers for specific periods of time, but your audience can no longer see them once you stop paying.

That’s not the case with search engine optimisation completed through your website. Although it takes ongoing maintenance, your SEO optimisations never disappear unless you delete them. As you continue to invest in SEO, you continue building upon your existing pages and improving your chance of reaching new, potential customers. With the advanced analytics tools available in SEO marketing, your chances to improve and generate more leads and more sales are endless.

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