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“We’ve seen some terrific results in our website traffic alone in just six months we’ve seen a 53% increase in people coming to our site”

James Gosselin – Sales Manager

Meridian Homes is one of Australia’s largest homebuilders with 30 years of experience in the building industry. Built on the foundation of providing high quality homes at reasonable prices with no surprise costs and fees, Meridian homes have fast established themselves in the market as a trusted and reputable builder.

Key Services Used

Meridian first came to Whitehat in need of a complete website redesign and ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO).


230% increase in organic Traffic with a long term SEO


240% increase in organic New Users.

This is especially important for lead generation.


Increase of organic conversions of 70%.

Users were not only visiting but converting.

The Challenge

As a home builder, it’s extremely difficult to stand out and be seen in such a competitive market. As a relatively young company, it’s often challenging to maintain profitable growth with consistent new customers.

“Whitehat really took the time to understand our business, our market, our customers and what we were trying to achieve.”

James Gosselin – Sales Manager

Meridian came to us with clear objectives; gain more traffic and attract more leads. Despite their best efforts, their current Digital presence wasn’t getting the job done, search visibility was low, and the bounce rate was high. With so many home builders sitting on top of them in search results, brand visibility was almost non-existent.

Key Challenges Solved

Not only was traffic an issue, but the overall functionality of the website was also lacking. We developed a new WordPress website that includes a ‘facade builder’ enabling users to browse different house facades and view what they will look like on various designs. Adding this feature, undertaking a whole web design overhaul and pairing this with a in-depth SEO strategy ensured traffic would increase and bounce rates would drop drastically.

  1. Low traffic numbers.
  2. Minimal brand awareness.
  3. Small amount of converting leads.
  4. Low website Visibility.

Our Solution

To combat key challenges brought forward by Meridian, we had to tailor a goal-orientated strategy. This involved understanding why the website wasn’t functioning at its highest possible level through extensive research and then determining ways to efficiently and effectively resolve any issues that came about, all while setting goals along the way.

  1. UX audit
  2. Competitor research
  3. Keyword research
  4. Backlink building strategy

1. UX Audit

One of the commonly shared goals between Meridian and Whitehat was to improve the overall user experience on the website. The website was bland and didn’t give the user a great sense of what Meridian was all about, including its core values or a good understanding of its services. The solution was to make sure the website was a more polished version of itself, with greater functionality and an all-around more interactive experience, keeping users engaged and reducing bounce rates.

2. Competitor Research

By understanding what Meridian’s key competitors were doing and doing well, we established areas of improvement to not only match the competition but do better than them. It’s essential to gauge what others are doing to improve yourself constantly.

3. Keyword Research

Due to the saturated market, nature of the business and in general terms, it’s imperative to choose keywords that relate and get the business in front of eyes that will not only view your website but also have a high chance of converting once there. For this reason, we needed to highlight what keywords should be targeted and for what page those keywords should appear. We outlined a comprehensive keyword map to Meridian and discussed the impact it would have.

4. Backlink Building Strategy

A solid backlink strategy was required to piece everything together. We wanted to boost website rankings and search engine visibility efficiently while helping brand reputation, a must in the home building industry. A strong backlink strategy is a key component of SEO and long term success.

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Figure : As shown above, traffic rose exponentially, with a large number of new users now finding the site.

Business Impact

By ensuring new organic traffic was being driven to the Meridian site and that consumers were greeted by a new polished and fully interactive website with UX in mind, we could predict that the result would be more traffic, more leads and more conversions. We were right; we have gained astounding results for Meridian, and they continue to be amazed at the work we do for them to ensure they stay at the top of not only Google rankings but their competition as well. The increases in traffic, leads and conversions attributed to the UX web design and continuing SEO strategy with numbers like A 230% increase in organic traffic speak for themselves.

“Whitehat really have been a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the results we have achieved since working with the team”

“I think the best part about Whitehat is that they listened to what we wanted and what we wanted to achieve and helped us understand who our target market was”

James Gosselin – Sales Manager
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Increase in conversions was seen attributed to a beautiful web design that showcased all the Meridian business propositions in a clear, concise and well-packaged layout.

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Decrease in bounce rate was seen post the in-depth UX audit, and the new web design with added functionality and interactive features was built and implemented.

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Increase in organic traffic was seen as a result of high-level SEO and backlink strategy, increasing visibility, rankings and domain authority.

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