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Far more than mere aesthetics, good web design can be critical to your business’s entire web presence. Good web design can help ensure your business shows up in searches; without which clients might not be able to find you. Furthermore, once they have found you, design elements can directly contribute to how trustworthy a prospective client finds you. A research study found that an astounding 94% of responders mistrusted a website based solely on the web design. So what does all of this mean for your business? Basically, your website is a direct reflection of your business; you want it to be a good one. Here are the 3 reasons why updated web design is critical in the current marketplace.

1. Without Proper Website Development, Clients Won’t Be Able To Find You

In today’s world, consumers are bombarded with nonstop digital messaging, and as such breaking through to them is a challenge that some companies find difficult to handle. Most people find businesses through a search engine of some sort, as a result, SEO is incredibly important. A good web design can directly affect your search engine ranking, with search engines rewarding user-friendly sites. Keywords can be critical to SEO and impact how easy you are to find online. Another way to see improved search engine rankings is through people linking and sharing them. However, they won’t share a website that has a difficult to use design. This brings us to the second reason web design is so critical; it directly influences how a potential client perceives you.

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2. The Right Web Design Can Make Or Break Your Chances With A Client

Chances are, if you click onto a website and it looks out of date or isn’t easy to navigate, you’ll click away again pretty quickly. The appearance of a website can immediately capture a user’s attention or it can just as quickly drive them away. Returning to the study that found how critical web design is in developing client trust, participants cited such factors as layout, text style, and even colour as the impetus for driving them away. These design factors are incredibly important to your website as a whole, so don’t push them to the wayside. Also, this ties back into SEO; if users are being driven away from your website, they won’t be sharing or linking it, which helps others find your business. So how do you ensure your web design engages users, instead of alienating them? You keep up with technology and its constant changes.

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3. Technology is Always Evolving, So Your Website Should Too

You may think a website is a one and done process; once you’ve got yours set up, there’s no need to worry about it again. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology is rapidly evolving, and your website needs to evolve along with it, lest users see your business as outdated. In addition, this can affect your rankings. An example of this is responsive web design. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, Google won’t even show it in search results performed on a mobile device. This is obviously a huge detriment, as many users are now turning to their smartphones to perform searches. Web design has to continue to evolve, something made clear with 6 in 10 advertisers saying it allows them to reach more viewers. If your website isn’t keeping up with the times, users won’t engage, and finding and keeping clients will be an uphill battle.

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Gain Customers Through Impressive Websites

In conclusion, the importance of good web design in your business’ success cannot be overstated. As the online marketplace steadily grows, your business must stay updated in order to keep up. When trying to compete with the information overload in today’s market, an updated web design can mean the difference between gaining a new client or losing one.

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