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At the forefront of any great digital marketing campaign is solid website copy and content. Businesses use content to send targeted messages to their intended audiences. For this to be successful, they need to include certain SEO elements in their website copy. This is because successful copywriting tries to provide valuable content to readers and must rank well on the search engines.

For this reason, SEO and copywriting go hand in hand. Here are small things that will change your SEO copywriting campaign for the better.

Map Search Intent

Understanding why people are searching helps you gain a clearer picture of how to optimize your keywords and create better content.
The user intent should help point you in the right direction and narrow the particulars of your content. For example, if you know the buying stage of your audience, you can structure your content and keywords to facilitate this, guiding them towards making an informed purchase.
As soon as you know the reason behind the keyword intent, you will start creating more valuable content. Informational and transactional are two notable examples of intent. Informational as the name suggests is where the intent of the user is information about a product or service, with little conversion potential, whereas transactional is a search made with the intent to purchase.

Simplify the Structure of Your Content

The readability and flow of your content will determine its position on search engine results. Audiences may be reluctant to share content that is too difficult to read and comprehend. Consequently, you should stay away from content with advanced reading levels. It’s recommended not to write above the 8th-grade reading level because most people won’t understand your text.
However, in some instances, you may need to write college-level content if you want to be seen as an expert in your industry. For instance, if your targeted audience is managers and C-level executives, they may doubt your professionalism if your blog posts are at a 6th-grade level. Like mapping user intent it’s important to understand your audience when it comes to actually writing your content.

Craft Headlines That Stand Out

You may be the best SEO copywriting expert in the industry, but you will fail to engage your targeted audience if they don’t click on your post. The first step towards copywriting success is optimising your headlines to attract clients. Since headlines form an important part of your content’s first impression, you will want them to capture your audience’s attention.
One way of getting great headlines is by including numbers in your titles. This gives readers a rough idea of the structure of your content. Next, you should capture people’s emotions by encouraging them to feel something. Finally, your headline should be precise to attract your intended audience.

Leverage Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are small snippets of text that are included on web pages and blog posts. Their purpose is to clarify the aim of your content. Although Google does not use meta descriptions when ranking websites, you should still utilise them to increase the click-through rate.
Exemplary meta descriptions have certain attributes. For instance, it is important to create a unique meta description that will differentiate your blog posts from others on the list. At the same time, your meta description should give an accurate and precise description of your content. Finally, you can add keywords to enhance the value of your blog posts and articles.

Remember to Optimise for Voice Search

You have probably heard that voice search has been on an upward trend. Consequently, your SEO and copywriting efforts MUST take voice search into account. For instance, your keywords should mirror what a person would say to a search engine.
Another way to optimise your blog posts for voice search is by using question-based keywords. Your target audience is likely to pose a question to the search engine instead of just saying a statement. Therefore, your content should use question-based keywords that provide answers to those questions within the body of the content.

Bottom Line

SEO and copywriting are an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. While you may be across the main copywriting techniques, there are small things that will make a big difference in your copywriting endeavours. Some of these small things have been illustrated above. For a deeper dive into optimizing your content read our article on how to optimize your blogs for search engines.

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