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One of the most revered names in Cricket, Mitchell Starc – Man of the Tournament for the last World Cup in 2015 – approached us to design his personal brand and build his website.

Mitch wanted to work with a partner that could understand his requirements, but still offer suggestions based on industry knowledge and best practice. He wanted to create an elegant and timeless design, while being instantly recognisable.

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Our design approach started with Mitch’s logo. He wanted to include his jersey number – 56 – as part of the brand, to stay true to his identity. Through several iterations, we created a design that represented his brand with an ‘M’, while hinting at the number 56 in roman numerals – LVI.

Mitchell Starc Website Logo Design

With the brand in check, it was time to move on to Website design and development. We opted for a black and white theme to highlight the classic, legendary and timeless tone. The user experience team developed an innovative display for the biography and stats section.

During development, API integrations were used to pull Mitch’s live stats to keep the site up to date without requiring manual work. All social media feeds including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were also integrated to keep the fans up to date.

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“Hi Shuey, thank you so much to you and your team on building this strong brand and stunning website. It looks great !”

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Mitchell Starc

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