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Sometimes it can be hard to find website design inspiration. However, the importance of inspiration can’t be overstated. Your website is basically a personal gallery; it’s time to treat it like one. Personal websites are the best place to showcase whatever makes you unique. This could be photography, special services, or any number of designs. Furthermore, a personal website is a resume of sorts. As such, it should be visually compelling while still clearly outlining the work you are capable of. If you’re looking for website design inspiration, look no further than the following five gorgeous websites.

1. Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya Kobayashi is a product designer, who’s website showcases his work through simple website design. This allows the stunning photography of his products to take center stage. Rather than get too technical, Kobayashi allows his work to do all the talking, and it makes a big impact. Sometimes, simpler is better and that’s certainly the case for this website.Mikiya in monitor

2. Guillaume Tomasi

Guillaume Tomasi is a photographer and uses his website as online portfolio, framing everything around his photographs. The images are beautiful, and the simplistic design makes this easy to navigate website the perfect gallery. Consequently, the photographs take center stage. Rather than being text heavy, his art does all the talking. Any photographer will be sure to find website design inspiration from this site.Guillaume Tomasi Image

3. Robby Leonardi

Leonardi describes himself as a multidisciplinary designer, doing designs, illustrations, code, and animation. His website features both his design portfolio and an interactive resume. Both are highly impressive and fun to navigate; the resume lets you navigate through like a video game character. The sheer amount of creativity and ingenuity in this personal website is astounding. Because of this, it’s easy to see his skills in action. Also, his numerous accomplishments are easy to read and find.Robby Leonardi Image

4. Gari Cruze

Cruze is a copywriter, and his website makes it easy to review his work without clutter. The images and grid design make for a clean, well-organised website. Also, his facts about himself give the website a personal touch. Rather than being too formal, he chose to switch things up and make the website more fun. Due to this, he seems more approachable and enjoyable to work with.Gari Cruze Image

5. Claudio Guglieri

Guglieri makes scrolling through his portfolio so entertaining. The homepage of his website is presented like a magazine, and he’s on the front cover. Each of portfolio item is also presented in a card that slides away when you move on to the next one.Claudio Guglieri Image

We hope enjoyed these website designs and find something to inspire you! If you have any questions of making your vision for your website become reality, click here to send us an email. We’d love to help you out.

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