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SEO tools can be incredibly helpful when working on your website. The importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in building your online presence is crucial. You’ve spent all this time building a beautiful website, and you want people to see it-but they have to find it first! Here are 5 free tools that can help improve your SEO and get you to the top of the search rankings!

SEO Tools:

1. The Moz Pro Keyword Explorer

An important component of SEO is the keywords you use. That makes a good keyword explorer one of the most important SEO tools you can have. These are the words and phrases that will push your website to the top of the SERPs. However, using the right keywords can be tricky. You want to find ones with a high search volume, but with competition that isn’t too high. The Moz Keyword Explorer can help by telling you the search volume, ranking difficulty, opportunity, and potential of keywords you enter. It also provides keyword suggestions if you’re in a rut.

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2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

You can have great content and stellar keywords, but you still need people to click onto your article. This is where the Headline Analyzer comes in. This tool grades your headline and tells you what you can change about it to make it more impactful. A good headline will make your content more clickable, and the more traffic you get, the better SEO!

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3. Google PageSpeed Insights

A big part of SEO that you might not think of is page speed. Search engines reward websites with higher speeds, as most people won’t stick around if your page takes too long to load. This tool can tell you what areas are making your website lag, and how to fix them. As a bonus, it breaks down the differences between mobile and desktop, so you can make sure all of your bases are covered.

seo tools4. Google Trends

SEO is constantly evolving, so your web content needs to be too. Google Trends helps you see what stories and topics are trending in different places, so you can always be at the head of the pack. Search engines reward new and fresh content, so make sure you’re getting a head start.

seo tools5. Screaming Frog

You can download this SEO tool to help analyse your website and its SEO. It crawls your website to find broken links, duplicate content, and analyse titles and meta descriptions, among other things. This useful tool can help you discover the things that might be holding your website back, and allow you to correct them.

seo tools

We hope you enjoyed these free SEO tools. If you have any other questions about Search Engine Optimisation or how it can benefit you can contact us by email by clicking here, or you can call us on 1800 465 300

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