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Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is well formulated and driving plenty of traffic to your website however, you’ve noticed that once visitors land on your site, they often don’t look past the first page and leave within a split second. If this sounds like something you struggle with, you have come to the right place for some tips on how to engage visitors in a remarkable way.


1. Have a short video on your homepage

Not only does this offer a nice variation from the typical images we see but also studies show that having a video on your homepage can increase sales by up to 80% and you’re 53x more likely to rank on page one of Google.


2. Have an image of a child or person smiling

People engage more with websites that have a smiling face on it. If you can get an image of a person smiling and gazing just off to the side, most people will follow their line of sight. This is the perfect place to put your call to action!


3. Post quality content regularly

This gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site! It also helps with SEO as Google ranks your page much better when you have new content.


4. Offer your subscribers and clients an immediate and interesting action or something of value

Offering your clients and subscribers something such as a free eBook will increase your credibility and make your subscribers feel they are gaining much more than they anticipated from the relationship they have with your business.


5. Have plenty of social proof

If you are a product-based website, display data such as 20 people have bought this item. If you are a service-based company, display data such as join over 500 satisfied clients. The majority of people are more inclined to buy something that has been trialled and tested by others, that other people want to buy.

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