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Having a large amount of traffic to your website is meaningless unless you can convert your visitors into paying customers. To do this, you must convince visitors to:

  • Trust your product or service
  • Get a good grasp on why they need your product or service
  • Understand why they should buy this from you over your competitors


And all of these things need be shown to your visitors in a 5-10 second window. Here are our top 7 tips to how you can convert your visitors into paying customers.

1. Have video testimonials from clients

People engage more with human faces more than text, and video testimonials are less likely to be forged. In your testimonials you should also outline the full name, job title and company of the person. Testimonials from “John, Qld” sound vague and fake. Testimonials are there to gain trust from your audience, so it’s important that your audience also trusts the people giving the testimonials.

2. Have a short video on your homepage

Studies show that having a video on your landing page can increase sales by up to 80% and Google is 53x more likely to rank you on the first page.

3. Design your website with the end goal in mind— getting a “contact us” form submitted

Ensure your contact details are easy to locate, and have a strong call to action on every page. This will ensure that all your interested visitors have a seamless journey with your company. If your visitor finds it difficult to contact you, or enquire more about the business, it’s unlikely that they will end up purchasing from you.

4. Ensure your website loads in under 4 seconds

For every second of delay, the likeliness of conversion drops by 7%. This is why it’s essential for you to hire a professional web developer when doing your website. Amateurs that produce low-quality code will cause your website to load much slower.

5. Display your awards, accolades and media on your website

This will add to your credibility. As a business, it is essential that you set the tone of being an authority figure in your industry.

6. Have some compelling reasons why people should buy from you

By using quantitative data, for example your client’s average return of investment. If you can qualify an approximate amount of how much value you will be able to supply that person, then your visitors will be more likely to purchase your product or service.

7. Have a unique landing page

This is especially important when you conduct a campaign. If you have just sold an individual through your limited offer in your email campaign, and they click through the link to your website where the offer is not immediately noticeable, you may have just lost yourself a potential customer. Ensure that all links displayed in your campaigns have content relevant to that specific campaign.

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