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The importance of a good logo design cannot be overstated. The branding of your business is directly tied to your logo because it’s how people will recognise and remember you. As a result, it and can be a powerful tool for your visual branding. People are more responsive to images than text; it’s why it’s so important to include visual media in articles as well as text. Most of all, your logo is the face of your business and should reflect that, encompassing what you want your company to be associated with. So let’s get started with some tips for making sure your logo design is just as impressive as your business is.

1. Colour Matters

Different colours inspire different emotions; blue is very calming, where red represents passion. So think about what emotions you want your business to be tied to, and think about what colours will help reflect that.

2. Make it Unique

You don’t want a logo that’s too similar to anyone else’s, lest the two of you get mixed up. Your logo design is the chance to make something memorable for customers, so don’t make it something that everyone else has already tried. Rather, make it something completely unique and totally you.

3. Sometimes Simple is Best

Your logo design doesn’t have to be complex to make a big impact. Think Apple or Nike. They have incredibly simple logos, but they’re both instantly recognisable. If you think your logo is getting too complicated, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to scale back.

4. Give it Meaning

You want your logo to represent your business, so make sure there’s some reasoning behind your logo. It will make it more personal to your business and probably make more sense to customers that way.

5. Versatility is Key

Your logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums. Due to this, you’ll need to make sure it translates just as well printed out on your business cards and it does your website.

6. Get Clever

Consider making use of negative space or incorporating some type of visual double meaning. This out of the box thinking will make your logo memorable. It can also help you incorporate design elements that others might not be using.

7. Think Long Term

You want to create a logo that’s timeless; too much rebranding can cause confusion. A logo that can last can further help to solidify your brand image.

8. Make the Logo Audience-Appropriate

If your business primarily works with children, a logo with child-like colours and images might be appropriate. If you’re an insurance company, less so. Ask yourself what your intended audience is and if your logo is reaching out to them.

And finally…

9. Make it Something You’re Proud Of

This one may seem obvious, but it’s still worth being said. Your logo is going to be one of the most visible parts of your business. Make sure you’re not cringing every time you see it. Rather, your logo should be something that you can take pride in, and something you won’t mind seeing plastered everywhere. Don’t settle.

A good logo can make a world of difference when it comes to your brand identity. Think through these tips before you start the process of designing one. If you need any help designing a logo for your business, let us know!

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