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Bala Bangles came to us in April 2022 asking for help with SEO. They were a new and exciting company with some amazing products, but with little traffic and brand awareness, revenue was not where they wanted it to be.

With the help of our SEO team, Bala Bangles saw its organic revenue explode by a MASSIVE 40.9%, and this figure is still growing. Usually, this would be a great result in any time frame; however, this result was achieved even more impressively in only 5 weeks.

Key Services Used

We used SEO to ensure huge amounts of qualified traffic was being driven to Bala Bangles.


Organic Revenue increased by 40.90% as compared to the previous period.


Ecommerce conversion rate has increased by 26%


Organic traffic of unique user increased by 16% as compared to the previous period

Organic Traffic Google Ads

Here we can see a huge spike in revenue


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