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The Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA) needed our help to move its website from the FPA domain to FAAA. Our main goal was to make sure their website traffic and important keyword rankings didn’t drop during the move.

Here’s what we did:

  • Started with a detailed check of their old website.
  • Followed all the best SEO rules for the move.
  • Set up redirects so visitors would go to the right pages.
  • Kept a close watch on the website’s performance after the move, making any necessary changes.

In an exhilarating collaboration with the FAA team, Whitehat Agency embarked on a digital journey. For five superb months, we diligently tweaked SEO elements, rectified technical glitches, monitored keyword rankings, and supercharged their backlinks and content. Meticulously planning their future content, we ensured a robust online presence. And the outcome? An astonishing 56 % keywords ranking on page #1, a 34% surge in organic traffic and an incredible 25% boost in organic leads – all achieved in just four thrilling months!

Key Services Used

With our robust SEO strategy, we boosted FAAA’s web traffic and organic engagement, pushing them closer to their desired goals. Our tailored solutions not only increased their online visibility but also strengthened their stance in the market. Your brand could be on a similar transformative journey with us.

Keyword Performance

18 out of 32 Keywords ranking on first page within 4 months


Organic traffic has increased by 34%


Organic leads increased by 25%

FAAA GA Report

Duration: 1st Aug to 31st August 2023 vs 1st July vs 31st July 2023


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