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To increase revenue, we took two services that can produce great results individually and used them side by side. We maximised potential by harmoniously hitting targeted eyes and boosting digital presence and brand awareness, which led to exceptional traffic and sales.

Handpicked Wines

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Handpicked Wines make region and site-specific wines from a growing list of great wine regions worldwide. With the ultimate goal of sharing their love of wine and uncomplicate the world of wine in the process, Handpicked Wines are invested in exceptional vineyards and passionate people, helping them deliver products that encompass what it is to love and enjoy wine.

Key Services Used

Handpicked wines came to us with hopes to increase their revenue through paid ads and organic traffic


300% increase in paid revenue within the first 3 months of Google Ads campaign.


326% increase in organic revenue within the first 3 months of SEO rollout.


36% Increase in first-time visitor traffic. New customers were finding the brand.

The Challenge

Handpicked Wines have been around for many years. While their strong reputation and word of mouth had been serving them quite well, they wanted to expand their reach and hit new customers, enabling them to continue to grow the business and product offerings. Sure we could run ads and target keywords to get them in front of new eyes, but the challenge was doing this in a way that provided consistent, measurable results. This meant targetting the right audience and building a thorough strategy to ensure the budget was being used in the right places.

Key Challenges Solved

Reputation and word of mouth can only get you so far. With the current shift towards selling online, there’s a massive market you’re missing out on if you don’t have a digital presence. When it comes to getting your foot in the door and simultaneously ensuring long term results, there is no better combination than paid ads and SEO. However, looking to compete and stand out in a saturated market does come with its own set of challenges.

  1. Saturated competitive market.
  2. Looking to compete on key terms.
  3. Low organic revenue.
  4. Low traffic

Our Solution

When tackling a challenge, we understand that what has worked for one client may not necessarily work for the next. For this reason, we always tailor strategies and split test. It’s always best to create a strategy, trial it, analyse the results, and then make adjustments accordingly. This is especially prevalent when it comes to Google Ads.

  1. Keyword research + mapping
  2. Split testing
  3. Data analysis
  4. Product Optimisations

1. Keyword research + mapping

We’ve seen it time and time again, businesses that are competing in a heavily saturated market trying to find a way to increase revenue and traffic. Fortunately, we love the challenge. While we always target generalised terms to main pages when taking on a business with an extensive product offering, we put more effort into specific product-based terms. This ensures that we aren’t concentrating budget on terms that we may never rank for, resulting in low visibility and traffic. Rather, we gain traffic from multiple smaller keywords to bring qualified traffic that is more likely to purchase. When it came to Handpicked Wines our SEO team concentrated on longer region-specific keywords to ensure their top-selling products were being found, while the Google Ads team decided to do some testing.

2. Testing

To be running a Google Ads campaign that not only performs well but provides a staggering ROI, you must carefully monitor your campaign and test different approaches or ways of thinking to ensure that the chosen strategy is effective. While you could test month on month, it is far more efficient to test different campaigns side by side; this way, you get to the desired result faster. With Handpicked Wines already having some brand awareness, their main objective was to increase online sales. With the sheer saturation in their competitive market, we had to analyse their product offering and provide their customers with extra value. This involved testing different ad groups, keywords and targeting to provide valuable insights into what was going to provide the best returns.

3. Data Analysis

After running all product keywords on the site for roughly two months, we noticed that the wine and cheese packages were the best performing. Because of this, we decided to push budgets harder in this area as the competition wasn’t as high, and it was cheaper to run. We then found the top-performing keyword from that category and removed most other products from the shopping feed, significantly increasing revenue and ROAS. We were no longer spending money on items that weren’t returning. We also limited generic keyword targetting to a 50km radius around their physical stores to offer express delivery, giving us an angle to utilise in the ads.

4. Product Optimisations

It might seem pretty straightforward, but your products or product offering is the heart of your business. When it comes to SEO, that’s exactly how Google sees it too. When Google crawls your site, they look for numerous things, but namely, they look for relevancy and quality. You want your products to shine by providing as much helpful and unique information about your product as possible—this way, the consumer can make an informed decision to purchase, and Google can recognise your product as a top player in the desired market. For this, to work you need to choose your keywords carefully and optimise your products accordingly. For Handpicked Wines, because sales were a priority, we optimised the top-selling and most affordable products rather than collections, emphasising the specific regions the products were from and enhancing the pages to reflect this. Because of the popularity of region-specific wine, this was highly effective.

Handpicked Wines - Revenue and Conversion Rate

Spikes can be seen in revenue and conversions from paid traffic.

Business Impact

After monitoring captured data closely and with a strong emphasis on attention to detail,  campaigns were optimised to ensure they were on target and reached maximum potential. This, paired with careful keyword planning and product optimisations, led Handpicked wines to see massive growth in both paid and organic revenue in as little as 4months. Paid revenue increased by over 300% with a ROAS of 7x. Organic revenue also increased by over 300%, which meant that with the two channels combined, we brought in over 600% in extra revenue and really cemented steady growth in sales.


Increase in transactions generated through Google Ads. Qualified traffic was landing on the site, loving the product and purchasing.


Increase in organic traffic  As keywords started to perform keyword rankings climbed and visibility increased. This resulted in more clicks and more eyes.


The bounce rate dropped by 12%. By targeting specific product based keywords, we ensured that any organic traffic was qualified. Users were finding exactly what they wanted and were where they wanted to be.


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