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Pierre Haddad Hair Management is a well-established hair salon in Sydney with a fantastic reputation. But like any significant business, they hungered for more. More clients to push them towards number 1 status.

Pierre Haddad Hair Management came to us with a clear and defined goal: to generate more traffic and leads to boost their client base. Working together on a content-focused SEO approach, Whitehat Agency helped widen Pierre Haddad’s reach into previously untapped audiences using tailored keyword research, strategic link-building, and original content creation. This lead them to see a growth of 60.33% in organic traffic and 100.00% in organic leads within a small time frame of only three months

Key Services Used

With a highly effective SEO strategy, we helped boost website traffic and organic leads, giving Pierre Haddad a giant push in the right direction towards their long-term goals.


Organic leads increased by 100.00%


Organic traffic has increased by 60.33%


Organic Revenue has increased by 38.85%

Pierre Haddad Revenue

Duration: 1st Aug to 3rd Oct 2022 vs 4th Oct to 6th Dec 2022


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