Feat background

Swaab is an award-winning law firm. With expertise in multiple disciplines such as corporate, family law, employment law etc. They wanted to expand the family law side of the business, increase brand awareness and impressions for family law service offerings and generate qualified leads for the family law service.

Key Services Used

To solve Swaab’s Family Law marketing challenge, we conducted thorough research on their target services and locations. Through this process, we gained valuable insights and used them to structure a targeted PPC campaign.

Our keyword research was tailored specifically to their services and locations, allowing us to create custom ad copy and landing pages optimised for conversions.

To ensure maximum relevance, we narrowed location targeting to a specific radius around their business location and created unique ad groups and landing pages for brand campaigns and Family Law services.

By providing prospects with the exact information they were looking for, both in our ads and on our landing pages, we were able to drive highly qualified leads to their business.


340% increase in paid leads within the first 2 months of Google Ads campaign.

Duration: 15th Oct 2022 to 15th Jan 2023 vs 14th Jul 2022 to 14th Oct 2022

Google Ads Click & Conversion - SWAAB
Organic Goal Completion for SWAAB


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