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The Green Elephant own and operate early learning centres across Sydney. Being committed to providing superior quality care and education and holding strong core values ensured the family-run business became a leader in its space. Fueled by an excellent reputation and fast growth came the need to open more centres and expand the business further.

Key Services Used

We used a combination of Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and SEO to ensure huge amounts of qualified traffic was being driven to The Green Elephant.


983% increase in leads generated through a bespoke Google Ads Strategy


1560% increase in conversions. Not only were consumers clicking, they were taking steps to get in touch and find out more.


5500 new users visited the site, fueled by ads built for engagement.

The Challenge

Although The Green Elephant was doing well, with word of mouth contributing to their success, their digital presence was lacking. They came to us wanting to make more of an impact in the digital space, with traffic numbers often low. They needed more eyes on their business to cement their position as one of the leaders in childcare services in Sydney. Since childcare is a highly competitive market with 14+ competitors bidding on the same generic terms as The Green Elephant, this required a well thought out and thorough strategy. The challenge was to ensure that we appeared in top positions through Google Ads, as organically, it would be a lot harder, and even though possible, would take longer to see results.

Key Challenges Solved

It becomes challenging to grow a business when you’re positioned in a super competitive or crowded space. Climbing to the top of your competitive space requires a strategy put together by someone who has helped others in the same position time and time again, understands how to scale and how to generate qualified traffic.

  1. Extremely competitive industry.
  2. Minimal search engine visibility / low traffic.
  3. Looking to compete on key industry terms.

Our Solution

We came together to develop a strong structure through a strategic campaign approach and specific location targeting. Campaigns were developed that would allow us to protect our brand name, as well as put ourselves out there with generic terms.

  1. Campaign set up for success
  2. Competitor research
  3. Creative ad copy

1. Campaign set up for success

Firstly we had to come up with a strategy that could support all kinds of budgets, that also wouldn’t blow out CPL’s and push spending into non converting areas. Google smarts were also incorporated where necessary, but we ensured that we still had full awareness over spends and where our ads were appearing. Campaigns are set out for appropriate budget allocation, ad copies are relevant to keyword themes and location targeting is correct and not too broad for those generic keywords.

2. Competitor Research

For the continual growth of The Green Elephant, we had to ensure to find new and improved ways to stand out in front of its competitors. Google Ads allows you to gain impression share insights that help you determine what keywords to bid on and how high to set your CPC’s. With a goal to appear above competitor ads, you must keep an eye on and stay on top of new competitors and the behaviour of existing ones. Our strategy led us to end up being high on the search results page for our generic keywords, with one of the highest top of page rates out of all 14+ competitors appearing on the network.

3. Creative Ad Copy

Creative is a vital part of any campaign as this could be the first time a customer interacts with your brand. It was important that we conducted a lot of competitor research and testing so that our ad copy didn’t look weak up against others. Incorporating ad copies that called out the main unique selling points as well as other emotive ad copy allowed us to A/B test to continually improve performance.

Business Impact

After researching, building and implementing our strategically thought our structure, we have noticed overall website traffic and leads have increased significantly. With continual optimisations including A/B testing keywords and ad copies, we are excited to see where this account goes. After 1 year (through COVID 19) we have seen a 983% increase in leads, with this number continuing to rise from a result of strong attention to detail, account management and commitment.


1,121 additional leads attributed to Google Ads alone


Bounce rates declined by 16% by ensuring traffic driven is qualified


1560% increase in conversions. Value propositions were coherent from creatives to the website, promoting trust.

Image of goal conersion

Here we see a huge spike in goal conversions

Through careful consideration and applied knowledge it is possible to overcome even the toughest hurdles and achieve business success and growth. Google Ads has the power to get your business in front of the right eyes and ensure that your business is being viewed by people that are more likely to make a purchase or convert.

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