Good Website vs. a Bad Website Image

Though the advantages of having a website for your business are numerous, there is no denying that website design and development is hard work. It can be a big undertaking to create and operate a website, and some companies are more prepared to deal with this than others. It’s not enough to simply have a website: you have to have a good one. With the sheer amount of online traffic, it won’t be hard for potential customers to click away if they don’t like your website. So what exactly makes a “bad” website? And how can you avoid having one? Read on to find out!

Issues a Poor Website May Have:

  1. If you don’t have a good website, a customer may find you untrustworthy or unreliable; a lot is riding on the perceptions your website creates, so make sure they’re good ones.
  2. Lack of updated content. If you don’t keep it fresh, users could see your company as a whole outdated.
  3. Disregard for your target audience. You may have an awesome website, but if it’s not appealing to your target audience, it’s not doing its job. Think about who you want using your products or services and how your website can speak to them.
  4. Functionality that’s just not up to snuff. If your website loads slowly or crashes a lot, you need to make a change. This once again could cause users to find you untrustworthy, and it prevents them from actually using the website, which is the whole point.

Benefits of a Good Website:

  1. Every coin has two sides. While a bad website may make you seem unreliable, a good website could help inspire trust and loyalty from users.
  2. You can reach more people-if you know how. The web can be a great tool for helping you reach people ifyou employ the right SEO methods.
  3. Your business is accessible to customers at the tap of a button, making it easier for them to find you and reach out to you.
  4. A website can be updated with minimal difficulty if you know how. This ensures that your business stays fresh and has relevant information readily available. This makes you seem up to date and in the know, which is what people want if they’re trusting you with their business.
  5. Building an online brand is practically a necessity in 2016. A website is the best way to increase your online presence and control your digital image. The branding you present can be totally up to you, and a good website promotes a positive image.
  6. Everyone else is online, so you need to stick out. From customers to competitors, virtually everyone turns to the internet for business. A website helps you keep up with your competitors and helps customers get in contact with you. A great website helps you stand out from your competitors and inspire customers to turn to you.

Though having a website can be tricky and sometimes daunting, a good website is worth the extra time and effort. Businesses without a good website simply won’t be able to keep up in the digital age. A website for your business allows you to control the perception of your business online and reach out to customers. Your website is directly tied into your brand image, so make sure it reflects positively on you. Don’t let a bad website hurt your business. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of building a website that impresses, don’t be afraid to reach out for help! A good web developer can make all the difference in the world and ensure that your website helps you, not hinders you.

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