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You may have noticed over the last few weeks that search results have been changing which many suspect were due to an change in Google’s Algorithm, this was later confirmed by a tweet via one of Google’s Twitter Accounts.Google algorithm update

There is talk among the industry that the update has nothing to do with the standard of content, instead aiming to improve the quality of SERPS. On a positive note; Nathan Johns, a search quality analyst at Google said this core update was designed to “reward under-rewarded sites” rather than penalising others.

What do I do?

Google algorithm update

Search Engine Watch, Jon Earnshaw shows his analysis on 7 websites and how their results fluctuate during the period leading up to and after the Algorithm change, this is standard trend we see during pre-roll out.

As you can see, results only fluctuated for a short period of time – with two new sites appearing towards the end of the testing period.

There were a few pages to suffer losses between 1 & 6 positions.

The most important thing for webmasters and business owners to note is to not panic. If you experience sudden changes in your result positions – keep monitoring the SERPs daily, if you’ve ruled out content cannibalisation or other common penalties, it could be a period of algorithm testing.

If you’re still unsure of what is causing your rankings to fall – get in touch with Whitehat Agency. We love to delve deep into website and SERP data to provide you with the best results!

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