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For the past few years, Google has been working on strengthening its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) capabilities. Google AMP is an open source framework that allow content to load faster on mobile devices, and is now one of the best ways to create rich web pages.

This new update is modernising the realm of one of the most popular channels for customer communication, Email.

Google AMP for Email is a powerful tool allowing developers to create more engaging, and interactive content directly from the inbox.

Imagine being able to complete goals directly from your inbox; submitting an RSVP to an event, fill out a questionnaire or select your hotel room without having to leave your mailbox! Introducing Google AMP to Email will directly benefit companies that send out their up-to-date information via email, such as flight or hotel bookings and prices that are subject to change.

With over 270 billion emails sent daily, and usage expected to grow, Google sees this as an exciting new way to increase engagement and communicate with customers.

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