Google lens

Google Lens, one of Google’s many new features is getting more and more advanced. This is all part of Google’s expansion of upgrades to their software and devices including Google home and mobile.

Users are increasingly using visual searches based on parts of images, searching with our cameras and AR apps. According to Pinterest, their users are making over 600 million monthly Pinterest Lens searches. This includes their visual search tool within Pins and their browser extension.

Lens technology is naturally a great marketing asset for retailers worldwide; users can find outfits they would like to buy online just by taking a photo within the app. ‘Style Match’ is one of the features Google Lens offers, giving shoppers the ability to purchase or browse similar items to what they have snapped on their Android smartphones.

Google lens

Google Lens aims to create a simpler and more efficient way of using image-based searches. One other feature they have introduced is Google Badges which has been making it easier to discover even more information about the images you are looking at whether it be ingredients for a pasta dish or price and description details of a clothing item.

From the Pinterest lense research conducted in 2017, it is evident that retail businesses are most likely to be affected by this growth in visual search. This technology can be taken advantage of by businesses in fashion or home decor to build a larger user base.

Google lens is designed to make image search easily accessible as a camera-based search engine.

Google explains that “if you take a photo of a:

  • Business card: You can save the phone number or address to a contact.
  • Book: You can get reviews and other details about it.
  • Landmark or building: You can get more details about it.
  • Painting in a museum: You can get details about it.
  • A plant or animal: You can learn more about it.
  • A flyer or event billboard:  You can add that event to your calendar.”


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