google mobile first index 2018

Google mobile first index 2018 is here; causing potential impacts to your site’s mobile rankings.

Google Mobile First Index 2018 takes it a step further to improve the search experience of customers using mobile devices, applying their device-based ranking algorithm to position websites that prioritise the experience of their customer on mobile devices.

In order to ensure your website is not affected by the mobile-first, we advise companies to take action now rather than fighting to claw back positions later down the track.

  1.     Go Mobile Responsive

Choose a theme that has mobile responsive capabilities built in


Build a mobile specific website design

  1.     Optimise site speed
  2.     Optimise the customer journey

Understand the intent of your site visitors and reducing the barriers the customer may have to complete the desired website action; whether that be a contact form, email sign up or purchase!

Evaluate AMP and progressive web apps

Accelerated Mobile Pages allow sites to load quickly by loading page elements asynchronously and removing elements of JavaScript that can cause delays.

Progressive Web Apps use a browser detection feature that allows a site to be rendered in a fast, app-like experience that can be loaded from a mobile screen or device. Websites that have high numbers of moving parts or a lot of returning traffic, for example; e-commerce or business websites are most appropriate for Progressive Web Apps.

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