Google shopping Australia

With opportunities for businesses to advertise on Google constantly growing; it’s difficult for business to cut through the options and attribute their efforts to the most lucrative channel. With organisations employing innovative tactics to increase their organic listings – however, do not forget the level of traffic paid search can contribute.

With budgets often stretched; where do advertisers best allocate their spend? The new hot topic; Google Shopping Australia or ye olde faithful Text Ads.

Google Shopping Australia

Google Shopping has been growing in adoption over the last two years with more than 50% of all AdWords spends’ shifting from traditional text ads to the shopping platform – this has meant a massive shift and much more competition in the space.

Giving brands access to traffic for a much lower price, comparatively lower CPC (cost per click) prices have meant advertisers can drive traffic at 4 or 5 times less the cost.

Shopping does however, become very competitive as the user is able to sort the products via price – making more premium products difficult to sell.

Text Ads

Text ads, on the other hand, are incredibly , giving the advertiser the ability to customise; text, keywords, test and much more.

They are also much more flexible in their ability to target a wide variety of audiences. Giving options to target customers at various stages of the user journey, which is why you see text ads used in both B2B and B2C industries.

This does result in much higher CPC pricing depending on the sector and competition – one thing to try though is AdWords’ Machine Learning & AI Bidding Options and see what results your texts ads have.

There are big opportunities for the right businesses on Google Shopping Australia as Google’s biggest shopping advertiser; Amazon – stopped using the platform just over a month ago.

Amazon was the undisputed king of Google Shopping, dwarfing all other advertisers using the platform (anyone with a product similar to Amazon would be familiar with this) but since their withdrawal, businesses have been enjoying a jump in engagement and results.

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