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The last thing you want is to put in the effort of hiring a web developer, only to have the experience turn into a web design horror story. On the flip side, a web designer trying to help a client who can’t articulate their needs can also be frustrating. A quick Google search can bring up loads of stories from both clients and web developers about projects that just weren’t working. So what’s the problem? Why does there seem to be so many issues with these collaborations? In a word: communication. Just read any of these stories and it seems obvious that the problem is some gap in communication. So how can you avoid this potential pitfall? Read on and find out!

Be up Front About What You Want

The best way to get what you want? Ask for it. It may seem simple, but it’s true. Web developers want to help you, so if you explain what you want, they’ll create it for you. Some things to think about before you start the web design process: what are your goals? How do you see the website helping you achieve them? What specific functionality does your website have to have? Thinking these through before you get started with a web design agency will help you both in the long run and ensure a website that does what you need it to.

Plan Ahead

If you a specific timeline you need to adhere by, make sure that’s well known from the start of the project. This way, the web designer can make sure you have everything you need on time, and you won’t both be left scrambling. Factor in time for test and tweaks; you want your website design to be the best possible, so don’t try to rush it.

Provide Open Lines of Communication

This goes for both client and web designer. Communication is key, so make sure you’re both opening up the lines of communication. The job of the web designer is to make your vision for your website come to life, and that can’t be done without both sides conveying their ideas and needs. Not sure what you want? Ask for help! Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask for guidance.

To sum it all up, you can avoid a web design disaster by openly communicating with your web designer about what you want and need. In return, you can expect your web developer to do the same. As long as both sides remain patient and honest throughout the process, you can ensure that your web design process will be painless and rewarding. A new website doesn’t have to be a daunting process; it’s a good thing, and the creation of it can reflect that!

If you have any questions about web design or are looking for a Sydney SEO agency that is always open to communicate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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