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Google Ads is a popular and highly targeted advertising network run by the world’s favourite internet search giant. With Google used for the vast majority of online searches, this form of advertising is a great way to get in front of your customers. Formerly known as Google AdWords, this service is about connecting with targeted and motivated people who are searching for products and services just like yours.

Google Ads is very different to the traditional broadcast advertising model. Instead of shouting your message to the world and hoping someone pays attention, you only pay for real results. Whether it’s someone clicking on your ad, visiting your website, or making a purchase, Google Ads is about investing in something that works.

How to make your Google Ads count

When outlining how to be successful with Google Ads, the first thing that should be considered is experience, the kind of experience that only a digital marketing agency can provide. When you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, it’s essential to consider if the agency offers Google Ads management as a dedicated serivce. While paid advertising through Google is not the only great strategy, it is critical to many online campaigns. The Google Ads network is a great way to get targeted traffic in an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective package.
Like everything else in the online world, the success of your Google Ads campaign comes down to smart management and creative execution. From the initial strategy to the delivery and reporting mechanisms, the following factors should always be part of your decision:

Strategic implementation

Google Ads demands a clear and consistent marketing strategy. While anyone can stumble on good results from time to time, long-term success is based on vision, insight, and expertise. It’s important to research your market, narrow in on relevant search terms, and create a smart strategy that links your market with the products and services you provide.

Multiple advertising options

Success with Google Ads requires a thoughtful and open-ended approach. Not all ads are created equal; successful campaigns are able to reach specific market segments in their native locations. Google Ads can be published on search pages or websites, with multiple shapes, sizes, and sequences available to choose from. You need to tailor your campaign based on your market, industry sector, and location.

Creative copy and graphics

Crafting a great strategy and choosing the right options for your ad is just the start. You still need to create eye-catching ads with enticing sales copy and graphics. In order to maximise results, Google Ads should be designed around specific markets and integrated with the rest of your branding. From the words you choose to colour combinations and design choices, everything plays a role.

Comprehensive tracking and reporting

Coming up with a smart strategy and designing great content is crucial before you send your ads out to the world. Work needs to continue, however, as every Google Ads campaign needs to be tracked, analysed, and refined over time. It’s essential to monitor all relevant metrics in order to fine-tune your ads, with the messaging, placement, and timing schedule all having an impact.

Phased and integrated roll-out

In order to work properly, each of the elements listed above needs to be rolled out in sequence.

  • Phase one involves business analysis, strategy creation, and keyword research.
  • Phase two involves ad placement, testing, and optimisation.
  • Phase three involves consolidated management and opportunity development.
  • Phase four involves analysis and reporting.

Successful campaigns demand a smart and considered roll-out. Consistency and integration will help ensure market relevance over time.

If you want to learn more about how to be successful with Google Ads, Whitehat Agency is here to help. Please review our services or contact our team today to benefit from our unique, solutions-based approach.

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