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The quest to achieve more traffic on the internet has forced many companies to create a Google My Business listing. This listing is commonly referred to as a Google My Business Profile. While some businesses may have created profiles we see it all too often that they are not getting enough visibility from it. You don’t want your Google My Business Profile investment to go to waste. Instead, you want it to be a serious SEO tool that can generate more leads. Here is how you can get more from your new investment.

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Create a Complete Profile

Google will be able to make your business more visible if it has access to all your information. That is why you must fill the entire profile and provide all the required information. It’s easier for Google to determine which people will require your products if it knows what you are selling and where you’re located.
Some of the most critical information that should be part of your application form include attributes, category, and contact details. Similarly, it will help if you use accurate keywords whenever you are required to. Once you have provided all the information, Google will determine the relevance of your listing and the distance from any potential searcher. It’s also possible for Google to find out whether a business is prominent in your area or industry.

Make Extensive Use of Photos

It is a wonderful thing when people can see exactly what your business sells. As you create your new Business Profile, you can add a cover photo and logo. This means that potential clients will immediately recognise your business when they see it online.
Other additional photos that should be included in your profile are those of products and locations. For instance, a restaurant can include photos of the dining room, the menu, or meals in its Business Profile application. Some businesses seek the services of a professional photographer to get enticing photos. The better the quality of the photo, the more likely people are going to trust your business.

Use Special Attributes and Features

When you create a Google business account, you have the option of adding special features to your profile. Here are a few examples of how some industries can add special features to their profiles:

  • Restaurants and hotels can include popular dishes, menus, and types of amenities offered.
  • Businesses in the service sector can include a booking button on their page.
  • E-commerce businesses can introduce product listings.

Consequently, your company can use several features to enhance its online visibility. Google gives the option of choosing up to 10 categories, and you can change the categories whenever you want.

Enhance Your Reputation by Replying to Reviews

Prospective clients will have a positive perspective of your business if you provide reliable and timely feedback to customer reviews. This perspective can easily turn into customer loyalty and show that you are professional and trustworthy.
You don’t have to reply to positive comments only. If a client posts a negative review, you can try to explain what went wrong and what you’re doing to rectify the issue. It’s also important to provide honest feedback and be ready to apologise when it’s appropriate. In some instances, you can request clients to contact you privately.

Key Takeaway

Google My Business Profile is the latest SEO technique. Businesses that know how to get the most out of this technique will attract more clients and reduce marketing costs. You can use these tips to leverage your Google Business Profile and increase your ROI.
If somebody asks a question on your Business Profile, make sure you respond to it as soon as possible. A quick and accurate response shows that your business can be reached at any time.
If you have any questions about this or any other SEO services, simply fill out this form and one of our specialists will contact you.

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