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Voice search is moving forward, becoming more and more popular with the advancement of virtual mobile assistants. Search engine optimisation for desktop searches are of course still extremely relevant, but businesses must prepare for the voice of the future.

Comscore predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by the year 2020.

Websites need to optimised for mobile compatibility, now more than ever with the rise of virtual assistants pushing voice search to 27% of 2,000 surveyed mobile phone users.

Google assist, Siri and Cortana is transforming the way SEO needs to be implemented into business strategies.

Regular text searches generally consist of shortened questions or phrases to simplify the search process and find the most relevant content, for instance, people may type in Google: “Cafe Surry Hills”. However, voice search is converted into long-tail keywords as people tend to ask a question in a complete sentence, such as “Where is the best lunch cafe in Surry Hills?”.

With the growing rate of this type of search form, it is essential that businesses stay on top of their search engine optimisation strategy. In this technological era, you simply can’t afford to fall behind.

OK Google, How Can My Business Prepare For Voice Search Changes To SEO?

In light of this, to stay relevant, businesses need to implement an SEO strategy compatible with mobile phone voice search. It’s important for businesses to understand their customer base and consider the possible phrasing of questions to be searched via voice to text.

If you’re concerned about your existing SEO strategy or think you need assistance with implementing a strategy for mobile voice search optimisation, get in touch with one of our specialists, we’d be happy to further explain and provide you with the information you need to keep your business digitally present.

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