The Latest Apple Update: Facebook’s User Tracking Functionality


Big news came from Apple’s VP of Software at WWDC earlier in June, as the latest Apple update continues to strengthen their anti-tracking features in a move to give the option to Apple users to choose whether or not to share Tracking Data with companies like Facebook.

The latest Apple update released Intelligent Tracking Prevention at WWDC last year which focused mainly on third-party tracking software, leaving login-based systems like Facebook & Google.

It doesn’t stop there though; Apple is taking it one step further, calling out the culprits with ‘dialogue boxes’ to be clicked by anyone wanting to allow the feature.

Put simply; the change affects how Safari loads content and how much information is shared with the website it’s loading. The new Safari is designed to ‘hold-off’ on information shared between the browser and the site – asking for the user to select whether the information is shared or not.

While Facebook was the only company called out on-stage, this has big ramifications for Google too – as the two rely heavily on advertising revenue as a primary revenue source.

This latest Apple update could have a big impact on Apple too; as Safari is not a huge player in the browser market – if it became more difficult to use Facebook on Safari, we could see a big switch to Google Chrome or Firefox.

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