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Your logo is one of the most important parts of your business’ branding. But sometimes you just need some logo design inspiration. Your logo is the face of your business, and a good logo can make a huge difference for visual branding and representation. As one of the most visible aspects of your brand, your logo needs to encompass everything your business stands for, which is no small task. Maybe you’re looking for a logo that’s clever, or maybe you’re leaning towards a more timeless feel. Either way, look no further for your logo design inspiration and get working on your perfect logo today!

Logo Design Inspiration

A good logo should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. These logos manage to nail those principles, and serve as great logo design inspiration.


TargetOne of the most distinctive logos in existence, the Target logo manages to be totally synonymous with the brand itself. This logo embodies the principle of simplicity, with the latest iteration removing the company name altogether. However, the logo itself has come to represent the brand so well they can easily get away with this. It’s a memorable logo, with everyone instantly thinking of the brand when they see the red circles.


FedEx LogoThe FedEx logo is especially remarkable for its level of cleverness that often goes unnoticed. Look between the e and the x and notice how the white space forms an arrow shape. The arrow helps convey the brand’s value of speed and efficiency. This logo is a great example of using negative space to your advantage and how a logo can be simple while still embodying the ideals and functions of the brand.


Nike LogoOne of the most iconic logos of all time, the Nike swoosh does the job of summing up the entire company with little more than a symbol. The swoosh represents movement and speed, core values of the athletic brand. Just like Target, the logo has become so iconic that Nike removed their name from the logo; there was no need for it. This logo does a great job of incorporating all 5 principles of good logo design.

World Wildlife Fund

Wwf logoThis logo does a great job of appealing to the emotional side of customers. Using the image of a panda bear will tug at most people’s heartstrings, making them more likely to care about the cause of wildlife preservation. The logo itself is simple but powerful, and will instantly stick out to most people.


Amazon ImageThe Amazon logo works on a lot of levels. First of all, the arrow is pointing from a to z, implying that they have everything you could need. The arrow, which makes sense as it embodies the speed and forward-thinking of Amazon, also doubles as a smile, inspiring feelings of goodwill. This logo is astounding for the fact it conveys so many different things and still manages to be very simple.


MTV ImageWhat’s great about the MTV logo is that the bare bones of it always remain the same: the big “M” overlaid by the smaller “tv”, but that it takes on different iterations. The M has been filled in many different ways, making for a logo that is both dynamic but still recognizable. It’s an interesting take on logo design, since logos generally shouldn’t change very often. But MTV has gone through many changes while still being an iconic logo, showing how far creativity can go when it comes to logo design inspiration.

What Makes a Good Logo?

So what can we take away from all of these different logos? Each are unique in their own way and bring something different to the table. However, all of them do one thing the same. They each fully represent the brand identity and have become so intertwined with the business that the two are unable to separated. So when you’re looking for logo design inspiration, look inward first. Ask yourself what values and personality your brand should convey and build your logo around that. These logos are all iconic in their own way, because they immediately call to mind a certain brand experience. This is what makes a great logo, so look to these companies to get inspired and then start brainstorming ideas of your own!

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