SEO marketing strategy

Also known as Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is essential for boosting your online visibility, building brand credibility and driving traffic to your website. Nonetheless, SEO is often thought of like social media’s less-fun cousin — perhaps because it’s a longer-term strategy that doesn’t lead to an immediate return. But what if we told you that focusing on your SEO could pay off in dividends in your bank account? Read on for 3 ways you can make money with an SEO marketing strategy.

Increased leads to your website

Nailing your SEO generally means increased traffic to your website. But more importantly, it allows you to bring in the right kind of visitors— the ones who actually want to buy what you’re selling! For example, you’re a brick-and-mortar store selling baby clothes in Sydney. You can target people with babies in the area by building an SEO strategy around Google phrases they’re searching for, like ‘best baby clothes shops in Sydney.’ Or, perhaps you’re a business coach who specialises in working with fitness studio owners — you could target terms like ‘how to grow your yoga studio business.’ An SEO agency can help you identify these search terms and build a comprehensive SEO strategy to help you rank for them. By getting your ideal demographic to your website through your SEO efforts, you can increase your conversions which in turn, increases the profitability of your business.

Monetise your web traffic

monetise your web traffic

Yes, traffic quality is more important than quantity. But there is one scenario where the sheer volume of your traffic can make you money — through ad traffic. This is when you earn money through display advertising on your website (usually in the form of banners, pop-ups or ads in your sidebar)  There are two ways you can make money from your web traffic — through Pay Per Click or Pay Per Mille advertising. PPC is when you get paid every time a visitor clicks on your ad, while PPM is when you get paid when they see your ad.

In either scenario, you will need to join an ad network to monetise your web traffic. This is essentially the middleman between you (the publisher) and the advertiser, and you both take a percentage of the revenue. Google Adsense is one of the most well-known ad networks out there and doesn’t require any minimum traffic, but there are many other great ones out there too like Mediavine and

Generally, this form of monetisation works best for people who bring in a decent amount of traffic. The good news is, you don’t have to be a huge blogger or digital publication to do so. With a robust SEO strategy, you can turbocharge your web traffic — even if it’s only on one or two blog posts.  In this case, your traffic doesn’t necessarily have to be people who want to buy from you. They just need to be people who are interested in the topics you’re writing about

SEO affiliate marketing

Are you someone who is constantly raving about the products you love to your friends and family? Or perhaps as an expert in your industry, your customers frequently ask you for product recommendations? If this is the case, you could be making money with SEO affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you make a commission by promoting other people’s products and services. Essentially, you’re spreading the news about their offering and taking a cut of the profits. While some companies have their own private affiliate programs, many people choose to join affiliate networks like Amazon Affiliates or Rakuten, which allows them to promote many different products.

Approaching affiliate marketing from an SEO perspective means you don’t need mega traffic to earn money this way. Instead, you can focus on promoting products that attract a lot of search traffic, through affiliate programs that offer a large commission per sale. For example, if you’re a hairstylist and you know of a high-end product that is causing a lot of buzz in the hairdressing world. If you become an affiliate through a program with a high commission rate — say, 40% — you’d probably only need to sell a handful to make some decent coin!

How to create an SEO marketing strategy

SEO marketing strategy

Now, you’ve learned how your website SEO can help you make money. So, how do you go about actually improving your SEO ranking for your target search terms? Unfortunately, there’s no overnight fix. SEO needs to be a multi-pronged approach, beginning with the foundation of your website. Site loading speed, XML sitemaps and your HTTP status are all technical elements that can affect your SEO. Then, there’s your on-site content. The pages on your website — including your homepage, about section and contact page — are all areas where you can include your target search terms.

However, the initial set-up of your website only gives you limited scope to include target keywords — after all, there’s only so often you can update your website copy! This is where an SEO content marketing strategy comes in. Assets like blog posts, videos and whitepapers give you endless opportunities to go after your SEO keywords. By regularly creating valuable content on topics in your industry, you can keep your website fresh and updated — which keeps you on Google’s good side. Not only that, but it allows you to bring new and diverse traffic to your website, which fuels those revenue streams.

How we do SEO at Whitehat Agency

how to do seo

At Whitehat Agency, we offer a suite of services to help you make money with an SEO marketing strategy. We look at your website from the ground-up, auditing your current SEO to assess where you’re at and what changes need to be made. We’ll check keywords, links, load speed, and more, then deliver a report and what areas need some extra help. We also conduct thorough SEO keyword and competitor research to ascertain which search terms you should be targeting. This allows our professional copywriters to create website copy, blog posts and other content marketing assets that both target your keywords and answer the needs of your customers. Finally, we offer link-building services, where we analyse your existing links and build new ones that will help solidify your SEO.

Visit our website to learn more about our award-winning SEO services or contact us to speak to a friendly team member.

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