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Instagram has released its shoppable posts feature for online shopping Australia along with France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Canada, the UK and Spain.

Brands can now add ecommerce links within their posts in an effort to drive purchases, a service that has been in the US since 2017.

With over 200 million users visiting at least 1 business page or more a day, Instagram provides a potentially huge opportunity for e-commerce sites.

The online shopping Australia feature allows businesses to tag up to 5 products per image, providing an exciting opportunity for businesses to create engaging photos tagged with the shown products.

Businesses can also add up to 20 products per carousel – allowing users to see a wide variety of stock, eliminating the need to list products and pricing information in the caption and dismantling the barrier between the consumer and the product with immediate product visibility and purchasing options.

Online shopping Australia and its integration with social media has started to gain traction in the last year as younger consumers look to influencers for ideas.

Instagram said when their Shopping feature was released in the US, they wanted Instagram Shopping to be less transactional and more immersive which meant creating more ways to engage the customer than just a “Buy” button.

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