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SEO is constantly changing. The rules of SEO are different this year than they were last year. Performing an SEO audit on your website regularly is so important. We recommend auditing every six months, because it is the key to maintaining your website, and staying on top of your search rankings.
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In this day and age, everything seems to be calling for our attention and time. So why spend time on an SEO audit?

Algorithms change. Popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly updating their algorithms to deliver the best search results to the user. Performing an audit will expose the weaknesses within your site and identify where you may need to make changes or additions.

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Once you’ve identified these problem areas, the next step is to develop a digital strategy to correct these issues.

An audit will check broken links, page loading speed, user friendliness, content, titles and descriptions, URL structure, mobile responsiveness, website security and page errors.


  • Know the current status of your website
  • Learn what your competition is doing to be successful
  • Help you devise a digital strategy to improve conversions and leads
  • Find out if all of your pages can be crawled and indexed by search engines
  • Increase domain authority
  • Ease of navigation will improve viewer experience
  • Eliminate flaws hindering your site’s success


An SEO audit has many benefits to offer. When auditing your website, it is important to move forward with confidence. You might decide you need a professional audit and evaluation of your website. Whitehat Agency offers technical SEO audits that will improve SEO quality. Our qualified team will review your website free of charge and send a detailed report of the areas that need improvement. If you are interested in making these changes to your website, contact us at any time for a quote and learn how to integrate these changes on your website. An SEO audit just might give you that edge to accomplish your digital goals.

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