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SEO Case Study: MadeComfy Performance

Here at Whitehat Agency, our greatest joy is seeing a client be successful. Sometimes results come quickly and sometimes it takes time and patience. SEO is not one off those ‘see immediate results’ type schemes. We always recommend a 12-month SEO campaign to meet the goals and objectives set by the client. However, we love when we see immediate results. Check out what we did for our client, MadeComfy in this SEO case study.

Our Client – MadeComfy

MadeComfy is a home hosting company that provides services while you are out of town. MadeComfy allows you to rest assured while you are away, that your home is safe and secure. They offer an array of complete services from marketing the property, coordinating cleaning, linen change-over and managing the rental process.

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MadeComfy approached us to manage their Google AdWords account and SEO. After only one month, we delivered great results.

The Solution

MadeComfy developed a new custom built website with integrated software to better service their customer base. In the process of developing this new website, they had lost all the SEO that was in place on the old website. Each page on the custom site would need some time and attention devoted specifically for SEO. We optimised the current webpages for the ten keywords that MadeComfy identified they would like to rank for on popular search engines. We also developed new content for additional webpages and completed on page Google optimisation – adding new meta tags, title tags and alt tags. Each blog was optimised and internally linked to a relevant page. The overall goal was to increase traffic to the website.

After analysing their AdWords account, we determined that most of the ad spend budget was allocated on ad groups that weren’t performing well. Our team recommended pausing the groups that weren’t performing well and reallocating the budget towards the ad groups that were consistently performing. Several individual ads had not been approved by Google and needed rewritten and optimised. Sitelink extensions and call extensions were added to the ads for better user experience and exposure.

Our Results

In four weeks time, we helped MadeComfy rank on Google Search’s first page for 5 out of the 10 keywords with 2 of the keywords claiming the #1 spot. Another 2 keywords were ranked at the top of the second page. In addition, site traffic has increased by over 15%. These results will only improve as time goes by with continued optimisation.

Tracked Keyword Overview ImageSince optimising the Google AdWords account, click through rate performance has increased by 54%.

Our Process

We know that our clients are unique and there is no cookie cutter marketing campaign.  Each of our clients receive our undivided attention to develop a strategy and a plan that is right for them and their goals.

New clients always ask about our processes and how Whitehat Agency operates. We followed the steps below during the initial onboarding with MadeComfy.

-Understand MadeComfy’s needs and requirements

-Thorough analysis of SEO and Google AdWords

-Present appropriate solution

-Client feedback/approval

-Content development/upload and on page Google optimisation

-Google Ad development and optimisation


In summary, the SEO case study above clearly shows the significant improvement in SEO performance, site traffic and Google AdWords click through rate. These numbers show that SEO and PPC are effective tools to growing your business. You just need the right partner to help get you the results you are looking for. published a blog about how long it takes to see SEO results and they say “SEO is an investment. It may take you 6 months–1 year from beginning to end before you start seeing noticeable effects.” Read their blog here.

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