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The question of web design vs web development can be a confusing one. Though they often get lumped together, a web designer and a web developer can be two different things. Though they share the same ultimate goal of a beautiful, high-functioning website, the process to get there isn’t the same. Let’s look at web design vs web development and see what the differences really are.

Web Design vs Web Development: The Differences

What Does a Web Designer Do?

Web design iconLet’s start with the basics: defining what a web designer is. The job of a web designer is, you guessed it, to design websites. Web design involves choosing the aesthetic aspects of a website, like fonts, colour palettes, and images. Web designers are competent using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There is a lot of graphic design involved in this. Another important aspect is usability. A user-friendly website is essential for your business, and good web design is the first step in making this happen. Web design is both a creative and technical process, making sure websites are both fully functional and aesthetically appealing.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web development iconThe other side of website building is web development. Web development is much more technical than web design, with a lot of coding being done. A web developer creates the inner workings of the website using programming languages. Think of it as front-end vs back-end. Ultimately, the difference is clear in the names of each. Web design involves designing the look and feel of the website, while web development means developing the actual website.

Intertwining Web Design and Development

Perhaps the reason web design and web development get so easily confused is that they work in tandem to create the same thing. The completed website comes as a result of both design and development, so it can be easy to just write it off as the same thing. The marriage of the two make for great websites. When it comes to web design vs web development, both need to be equally strong. If a website functions well but doesn’t look appealing, then customers will not be interested. Similarly, you can have the most beautiful website in the world but if it doesn’t perform how it should, then no one will bother with it.

Blurring the Lines

As technology and digital marketing continues to evolve, the distinction between web designers and web developers is becoming less distinct. This isn’t to say that the two aren’t very different jobs. They still involve very different aspects of website building. But more designers are starting to learn the technical aspects, while more developers are getting into design. The two involve separate skill sets, which can make combining the two difficult. However, mastering both could be extremely beneficial for creating outstanding websites.

A New Kind of Website Builder

In fact, designer/developers are quickly becoming in-demand, since they are able to create all aspects of a website. There is a fine line between web design and web development because they always influence one another. Because of this, learning a little bit of both could be helpful in communicating with other designers or developers. It could also help to foster a fuller understanding of the website creation process, making both sides better at what they do.

Design and Development Working Together

Web design and web developmentA difficult aspect of web design vs web development can be bridging the communication gap between designers and developers. The two tend to think differently, with designers leaning towards the creative side and developers on the technical side. There is a lot of very specific knowledge and language on each side of things, so discussing the creation of a website can sometimes present a challenge. It can’t hurt to make an effort to learn at least a little about the other half of the puzzle. Remember that web design and web development has the same end goal, regardless of the differences in jobs. It’s important to know the differences between design and development, but to recognize that one couldn’t function without the other.

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