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For a long time, content has been the dominant force in the digital marketing world. As a marketer, your content must attract visitors and pamper the search engine. While this principle continues to be a key part of content marketing, some marketers have shifted their focus to internal linking. Perhaps these marketers have already reaped the immense benefits that internal linking brings to the SEO table.

Generally, internal linking strengthens a site’s architecture. This occurs when you link pages within the same domain, such as linking the product page to the home page. Simply put, internal linking usually occurs when articles in the blog category have links to the product pages. If you can successfully introduce internal linking, you will achieve superior page authority, enhance user experience, and improve your site’s ranking on the Google search engine.

Here are the benefits in greater detail.

It Establishes a Hierarchy

Websites with strong internal links can boast of a defined hierarchy among their pages. Visitors to those websites will have an easier time when navigating from one category page to another. They will also find relevant content and products with ease. Remember, Google will prioritise internal links that appear on the homepage.

Improves Relationship Between Content Pages

Googlebot filters websites by analysing the links on each page. The filtering starts at the homepage, with Googlebot using the homepage links to determine the relationship between the pages. This is how Google identifies similar pages within the same domain.

Link Value

Each link on a webpage has an equal value, but Google emphasises the homepage’s internal links. Once Google has established the homepage’s total link value, it will evenly distribute the value among all the links on that page. If you want to bolster a certain link’s value, linking it to the homepage would be a wise move. At the same time, Google will discover your latest blog posts faster when you link them from the homepage.

A page’s link value will be transferred to the page that it is linked to. Consequently, a page with many links is highly valuable and will rank higher in the search engines.

Better User Experience

A well-structured website greatly increases navigation. Website visitors will be able to find relevant pages without visiting too many pages. Internal links can increase a website’s ease of navigation by linking similar content. Every time you create a new page, you need to link it back to pages with additional information. It would be best if you also made a mention of that new page on the homepage. When the user experience increases, website traffic will also increase.

Reduces Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate is a clear indicator of how website visitors are interacting with your website. For example, a 60% bounce rate means that 6 in 10 website visitors don’t browse more than one page.

A website with a higher bounce rate is viewed negatively by Google and will rank lower on the results page. Simultaneously, websites with a lower bounce rate are considered to be of higher quality by Google. When you use internal linking correctly, website visitors will easily move from one page to another, reducing your overall bounce rate. Search engines will notice this new development and begin to rank your page higher on search engine results.

Key Takeaway

Internal linking can change the fortunes of your website. When you use the right internal linking strategies, you create a website with a clear hierarchy and easy navigation capabilities. Website page visitors will seamlessly move from one page to another and find relevant content in a matter of seconds. Search engines will also be impressed by your site and rank it higher.

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