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The topic of Search Engine Optimisation is a hot talking point for every marketer, business owner, and SEO agency around the globe and its importance to the future of your company cannot be ignored for a second. Whether you have an established brand, an online startup, or even a brick and mortar shop, the battle to rank on the first page of Google is fiercer than ever.

If your website is currently trapped in the abyss of page one-hundred-and-something, gaining increased visibility on Google should be your main marketing goal for the months to come. Here’s all you need to know.

How Important Is Google Visibility?

In short: it is essential. Any SEO agency or digital marketing expert will tell you that getting onto the front page of Google has the potential to transform a company’s fortunes. The statistics into modern marketing only further support those claims. Some of the key findings are:

  • Google generates 3x as much (1) traffic as social media.
  • Google processes over 70,000 (2) searches per second.
  • Up to 88% of customers (3) will visit a store within 24 hours of making a local search.
  • Over 90% of all clicks (4) are gained by sites on page one of the SERPs.
  • An incredible 93% of all (5) online interactions start on search engines.

Ultimately, consumers visit Google out of habit and convenience while they also trust the search engine to direct them towards trustworthy and relevant businesses. Find a way to appear on the first page, and you will see a sharp increase in clicks and conversions.

So, Why Is Your Business Invisible On Google?

Appreciating the need to rank on the first page of Google is one thing, but doing it is another altogether. Identifying the reasons behind your current struggles is an essential step en route to building a more successful SEO strategy. The most common issues are listed below.

#1. Inadequate Web Host

When looking at web hosting options, most business owners naturally focus solely on the price. While nobody wants to pay excessive amounts of money for a web host package, it should be noted that a poor choice of web host can seriously harm your search engine visibility.

Google uses over 200 metrics to rank websites, but some of the most important issues are linked very closely to your choice of web host, such as:

  • Security – if the website lacks essential security and encryption, it will be reflected by your Google ranking. Therefore, an SSL certificate should be considered non-negotiable. If nothing else, it’ll protect your company and settle visitor concerns too.
  • Speed – loading times are a key ingredient in the recipe for success. If your web host is slow to load the various elements of your site, or cannot handle the traffic, the Google algorithm will punish you. Moreover, studies show that users abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Reliability – Google’s sole aim is to provide users with the best UX. The search engine knows that seeing a 404 error message is the most stressful issue of all. Therefore, web hosts that fall victim to regular downtime should be avoided.

Teaming up with the right web host is great news for your web presence, visitor experience, and company stability. Do not overlook it for a second.

#2. Outdated Tactics

The world of web design and digital marketing has evolved at a rapid rate, not least because consumer interactions have changed. By now, you should know that mobile browsing has enjoyed a bigger market share than desktop browsing for close to half-a-decade. Meanwhile, voice search has quickly grown to become as popular (6) as traditional searches.

What it means for your business is that the website must be designed to accommodate the trends for mobile and voice searches. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Incorporate keywords and phrases that reflect the contrasts in the way people talk compared to what they would type into a search engine.
  • Ensure that the website is designed with mobile optimisation in mind while also considering the prospect of creating a dedicated App.
  • Cut down on your redirects and use of pop-ups while also using browser caching and keeping HTML and JavaScript elements unblocked.

If your website has fallen down the ranking order over the past few years, it’s because you haven’t adapted to reflect the changing landscape. This is one reason why using an SEO agency is advised.

#3. Wrong Keyword Choices

Keywords and phrases are the lifeblood of search engine optimisation. They are the terms that users search for when looking for a product or service. Google wants to provide users with links to relevant websites. Your site can show its relevance by targeting the right keywords.

Unfortunately, if you’re a car dealership trying to rank for ‘best car dealers’, the harsh reality is that you will be up against virtually every other dealership. While gaining some visibility on those terms is important, looking for better keyword opportunities is the best solution by far, not least because 8% of users (7) change their search term before they’ve even clicked a link – followed by many more than run a second search after the original search failed to deliver the right results.

When looking at keyword opportunities, you can try:

  • Extending to longtail keywords with four or more words.
  • Using geographical elements for increased visibility and click-through rates.
  • Adding near me or other terms that users search for during a moment of wanting to buy.
  • Adding details of the product, such as the colour or size of a clothing item.
  • Look for keywords that others might not use.

There are various tools to help research keyword opportunities. When you get it right, your budget will work harder, while results will occur more quickly.

#4. You Haven’t Informed Google

While Google crawlers are constantly looking for websites and ranking them based on relevance to their users, it makes sense to give Google a little nudge. It speeds up the process of climbing the SERPs and can ultimately lead to a far better overall outcome.

The most important tools at your disposal are:

  • Google My Business – the GMB listing is a free resource that essentially works as a directory entry that is built for Google. It ensures that the search engine has clear and detailed information about your company. Crucially, it literally puts small local businesses on the map. Google Maps. And when users run a local search, seeing the location of your store can lead to more visits.
  • Google Reviews – the power of recommendation is a wonderful thing that can influence consumer decisions. Moreover, it tells Google that you are a trustworthy business that will satisfy their visitors. The verified nature of reviews left through Google’s internal platform will subsequently fire your site up the rankings.
  • Google Search Console – the Google Search Console is a powerful analytical suite that covers your Search Appearance, Search Traffic, Crawl Performance, and Security. Used well, it will get the website and its pages indexed while pointing you toward quick upgrades.

When Google knows about your website, it has a much better chance of success. Simple.


Search engine visibility is a crucial feature of any digital marketing strategy that should be a priority for online and offline businesses alike. If your site is currently struggling to win the war for traffic, the support of a world-class SEO agency can transform your fortunes forever. Give the green light on increased conversions by taking control of the situation today.

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