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Succesful partnership with ORIX for the design and launch of MOOV*, a revolutionary new fintech product to lease & finance vehicles.

*Note: MOOV has since been renamed to VOOM.
Moov website mockup
Figure 1. Final home page design for the MOOV website. We focused on developing a strong brand identity, while keeping the website optimised as an ecommerce tool — for searching and buying vehicles. The search function is placed as a direct CTA right in the home page banner area.

ORIX is Australia’s market leader in vehicle leasing, financing and fleet management. It sets the highest standards for providing these services to a network of enterprise clients.

ORIX aimed to revolutionise these services by partnering with Whitehat Agency for digital transformation. A new product, to provide the same enterprise-quality services for small-to-medium businesses.

Key Services Used

We built a beautiful new immersive web experience and web app for MOOV using the following services.

Web icon

Powerful web app, with paper processes integrated into seamless automated digital systems.

Web icon

Beautiful design and development, with an ecommerce journey primed for new customers.

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Revolutionary product design that won ORIX the 2019 AFR Best Innovation in the Property, Construction & Transport Industry award.

The Challenge

ORIX Australia approached Whitehat Agency with an opportunity to launch a new product. The new product was to provide vehicle buying and financing to small-to-medium businesses. But the ins-and-outs were left completely up in the air.

ORIX had manual, paper-based systems that provided these same services to its enterprise clients. Various teams within ORIX were involved in this process — from the credit department, all the way to IT and accounts. ORIX also had 3 major databases from which they manually pulled data to put together bespoke service packages for clients.

The key challenge was transforming these very complex manual systems into automated systems. The frontend user should be able to seamlessly select any vehicles, and either purchase it outright, or get financing. All data from the 4 databases is to be pulled seamlessly and display it in an intuitive way to the user.

Key Challenges Solved

We collaborated with ORIX to design and build the MOOV product, and achieve digital transformation within their teams.

  1. Product validation research, to find exactly what small-to-medium businesses are looking for.
  2. Product strategy for market niche and post-launch growth.
  3. Design of full user journey, from vehicle selection to post-purchase followup.
  4. Design and development of the MOOV website.
  5. Design and development of the complex user portal.
  6. Capacity building and stakeholder management sessions in ORIX.

People can now visit MOOV to select and buy vehicles. There are also lots of exciting options for vehicle finance, with seamless near-instant credit approval.

MOOV gives great value to Australian small-to-medium businesses. MOOV has also created a lucrative new customer stream for ORIX, while carving the path towards digital transformation.

Our Solution

We designed and built MOOV as an automated, easy-to-use online platform for businesses. MOOV gives small-to-medium businesses a powerful tool to select and finance vehicles online.

1. Product Validation Research

We designed and conducted a full-scale market research. We wanted to find out exactly what are the needs and pain points of small-to-medium businesses. Crucial feature lists were produced after synthesis of data from surveys and user interviews.

Vehicle purchase triggers
Frank small business owner
Matthew small business owner
Online vehicle search sources

Figures 2–5. Some of our research results for MOOV. The research yielded lots of features to be built. We also constructed several user personas with this research.

2. User Flow Mapping

A lot of data needed to be mapped carefully to a full user journey. Through collaborative design with ORIX, we designed this user flow, from vehicle search, all the way to choosing finance options. We also carefully mapped the databases and APIs that would be called at each stage.

Moov userflow

Figures 6. Example of one of the user flows designed for MOOV. This is the first iteration of the Finance options user flow, showing how a user would move through applying for vehicle finance.

3. Wireframes

We used iterative design methods to produce wireframes of the user flow. The most tricky part was getting a lot of user input without causing drop-off. We created each user input as multi-step forms, to make the process intuitive.

Vehicle booking moov
Partnership information

Figures 7–8. Some of the wireframes that were created for MOOV. Each step in the user journey had to be carefully wireframed for optimum user experience.

4. MOOV User Portal

To revolutionise ORIX’s digital transformation, we created the MOOV user portal. Once a business becomes a customer of MOOV, this portal gives them a dashboard to apply for finance and get approval online. The customer can also easily manage add-on services (fuel, repairs, etc), and monthly costs.

The portal gives ORIX teams seamless management of customers, through our integration with their Salesforce CRM.

Credit application moov

Figures 9. One of the screens from the MOOV user portal. The portal gives users instant pre-approval for finance, and an online full approval. No paper forms or hassle needed.

5. Visual Design

We delivered beautiful, on-brand visual design and art direction for the entire website. The design gives MOOV a competitive advantage, by making the vehicle buying and financing process desirable.

6. Full Web App Build

Our in-house team of developers and engineers built the MOOV web application. This included developing APIs and integrating with ORIX’s databases.

The end result is a high-quality, robust web application that is an epitome of digital transformation.

Acceleration, speed, moving fast
Vehicle speedometer and lights on night
Moov mockups and visual design identity
Moov mockups and visual design identity
Figures 10–13. MOOV mockups and visual design identity. We created a strong, polished brand idenity to make MOOV standout from the competition. Vehicle buying and finance as not just a neccessity — but as a way to enhance a business.

Business Impact

MOOV is a revolutionary product for ORIX’s continued digital transformation journey. MOOV has opened up a new pipeline of loyal customers for ORIX. MOOV’s technology sets an industry standard on how to offer powerful enterprise services towards smaller businesses.

Scores of Australian businesses have successfully used MOOV to buy vehicles and get vehicle finance. Customers are able to choose between different options, and manage everything on a monthly basis.

“Easy-to-use online platform that guides small business owners through the car-buying process, allowing them to select and finance a vehicle from their laptop.”

— Australian Financial Review
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