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The ways in which we advertise to consumers through ecommerce marketing changes every year. With new developments in technology and companies relying more and more on inbound marketing strategies, ecommerce stores need to be thinking not just about the quality of our products but also about building real relationships and trust among their consumers.


1. Create an ecommerce marketing strategy

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Before you start throwing content out there and end up overwhelmed with trying to create high standard marketing content each day, create a detailed ecommerce marketing strategy and look at tools that will help in scheduling your posts. Identify what you would like to achieve from your marketing campaign, how you will advertise your products and what incentives will you give customers to purchase from you.

A top digital marketing agency will focus on planning and scheduling ahead to prepare for upcoming campaigns. When creating your ecommerce marketing strategy, ensure that you give enough flexibility and have a backup plan if things don’t go as planned.


2. Collect emails

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EDMs are one of the best and trusted ways to remind consumers of your products and tell them all about your new offers. Even just a simple, well-designed email can help you gain more visitors to your ecommerce website. To collect emails, we recommend always providing an incentive for them to join. This can be accomplished by creating a customer loyalty program, competitions, discounts or even offering them an ebook that can be emailed to them at no cost to you.


3. Connect with influencers

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A popular way of getting people to buy a product from your ecommerce website, is to get an Instagram or Youtube influencer to represent your product. This will come at a fee but has the potential to accelerate your sales. We recommend that you not only connect with your influencers but also befriend and support them. By creating a great relationship with your influencers, you may find that they will add extra value and promote your product with more authenticity and excitement.


4. Give incentive

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Convince potential customers to buy from your ecommerce website by giving them the incentive to do so. This can include creating coupons and discounts, such as free shipping or a percentage off products. Ideally, you should make this time sensitive to convey urgency and make them want to buy now. VIP sales are also recommended as members of your loyalty program can feel as if they are receiving special value.


5. Create a web funnel

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Creating a web funnel is an excellent way of creating sales and up-selling to customers. Discounting products that are bought by customers in bulk, up-selling and creating add-ons can help to fill your customer’s shopping carts. This can all be done in a marketing funnel.

If you are running a subscription-based business, a marketing funnel can work well for you too. For example, if you have a marketing magazine subscription to offer, you would first advertise, then give your leads a digital freebie. Perhaps you could offer a lower priced initial subscription or trial and once you have demonstrated value and developed a relationship with the customer, they can then be transferred over to the full priced subscription.

Abandon cart emails are an effective ecommerce marketing strategy of getting people to return to your website and finish off their purchase. Using sequential marketing emails where you increase the discount until they purchase can also be a good way of getting customers to complete check out.  


6. Facebook Ads

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If you look at what your competitors are doing in their ads, it can give you inspiration on what kind of ads you should be posting. Though we will note that likes don’t always mean a sale, it takes a lot of social media marketing knowledge and testing to get the ad right for your product.


7. Simple check out process

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It is crucial that the user has a seamless journey from your ad, to your product page, all the way to the checkout and receiving your product. You need to be updating your checkout operations regularly to be up to standard with current efficient checkout processes to promote positive user experience and prompt customer satisfaction.

A few take away tips we can give you from our experience in creating ecommerce websites for our clients is to make your web design, clear and simple with multiple options of payment, including after pay and upfront shipping offers. You also want to create a guest check out option as users can be turned off of making their purchase if they have to create an account.


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