The Google Marketing Suite has Changed Forever

google marketing

For the last 18 years; Google AdWords has been one of the simplest ways for businesses to engage with their customer. AdWords was the start of Google Marketing Advertising Suite and has been the drive for Google’s success in ads today.

With the massive changes to the way we use, browse and engage on the internet over the past 18 years – marketers have more opportunities to reach customers wherever they may be browsing, across Video, Mobile, Display and more.

Google announced the launch of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick Analytics 360 Suite) & Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers & DoubleClick Ad Manager).

Google is also launching a new campaign within the now; Google Ads – Smart Campaigns. Using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google is providing a solution for small businesses allowing them to create ads in minutes.

This is a fantastic tool for small businesses to get their brand appearing in the Google Marketing Advertising Network.

*Like with all Automated Bidding & machine learning campaigns; it is quite easy for costs to blow out and for the advertiser to lose sight of the primary goal of the campaign – be sure to keep this in mind when working with Smart Campaigns.


New focus on Transparency & Control

For a long time now; Google has been giving more freedom to the end-user to control how and what advertisements they see from Google. In 2009, Ad Settings were launched giving people the ability to control ads – launching ‘Why this Ad’ in 2012.

Now Google is providing one location to identify and control how ads are tailored to you and expanding ‘why this ad’ to all of Google’s Advertising Network.

google marketing

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