How to generate sales leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising can be a powerful source to generate sales leads, but many business owners aren’t utilising the platform’s tools and taking advantage of the opportunities it provides. Here, we break down the formula to help you create an amazing LinkedIn profile and know how to generate sales leads from LinkedIn.

How to generate sales leads from LinkedIn:

Run Ads On Linkedin

LinkedIn Ads has become one of the most profitable B2B digital marketing tools available to digital marketers. Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn they have been upgrading the platform and making it easy for digital agencies to generate profitable campaigns for their customers.

Complete your profile

Man Logging Into LinkedInYou want people to get to know and trust you. Filling out your profile is the best way to humanize your digital profile and get people to feel comfortable with making contact with you. It also looks visually appealing and you can include all of your wins and skills you have made through your hard work.

Ensure you create an amazing intro that talks about your professional life and passions along with stating any unique accomplishments you have made. This will contribute to painting a picture of success. Remember, people on LinkedIn are there to boost their own success and so they want to network with highly successful people.

Publish your relevant work experience, skills, background, some images of your business and any additional information to further fill out the structure of your profile. People will find it easier to find you if you include keywords of businesses and skills they are searching for.

Post regular updates and give value 

Marking Calendar On Table

People want to see that you are highly active on the platform. But more importantly, they want to absorb valuable content and information from you. You want to create posts and videos that grab people’s attention and give them beneficial information, relevant to your industry and business needs.

It is great to also share updates in your business, but one rule we will state is to never try to sell through LinkedIn posts or articles. It will generally have your network rolling their eyes and ignoring your content. Instead, just share content that is useful to your target audience and reply to comments as soon as you can to build rapport.

Once you have started generating sales through LinkedIn, you could give them advice on how to generate sales leads from LinkedIn for their particular business. This way it is relevant and because their industry is related to yours, you can give them bespoke advice that caters to their company.

Be consistent

Team Plan On Paper

Many people have the tendency to go all out and create a huge mass of content and posts in one week and then burn themselves out, quitting the week after and leaving their profile with no new updates for months.

You need to be in it for the long haul. LinkedIn is no different from any other marketing strategy in your company. You need to plan in advance and build up the content preemptively so that you can share consistently over a long period of time without exhausting yourself.

Connect with people from networking events

Team Fist BumpLeaving business cards in your wallet won’t do anything for growing your business. You should be inviting the people you meet at conferences or networking events right away so that they are less likely to forget who you are when you contact them for business opportunities six months down the track.

When you add them, keep in mind some key topics you discussed during your introduction and refer to them in future conversations. This helps to build rapport by showing that you cared about what they had to share. If you aren’t good at remembering these specific items, use a spreadsheet to make notes after your networking event so you can keep track.

Keeping in contact with potential leads is one of the main ways how to generate sales leads from LinkedIn. Your contacts may quickly forget about you if you don’t message them every once in a while. Even if you are really busy, you should schedule a time in your calendar for contacting your network. This is another way of showing you care about them and makes them more likely to turn into a customer or refer you to one of their contacts who may need your service.

Invite in mass by using automation

3 People With Phones In Hand
If you have been active on LinkedIn for over a year, you could potentially start using an automation bot to help contact potential leads in the masses. For those of you who don’t know how automation works, it is basically an online bot that you can program to contact people who may be in your target market with a custom invite message that you can code to add individual names into the message. This makes the invite message look legitimate and saves you time, so you can focus on other marketing activities.

In saying this, the automation bots do come with risks, if your account is suddenly inviting hundreds of contacts a day then LinkedIn will become suspicious of your account and may shut it down. Also, if you are not correctly targeting the right audience, other users might catch onto your automated message and report your account.

If you are thinking about using automation, we suggest you contact a digital marketing agency to help you set up the automation in a safe way that’s beneficial for your account.

Find sponsorship opportunities

Man And Woman Handshaking

With certain products and services, you can get sponsorship opportunities through LinkedIn by contacting employees of relevant organisations to ask if there are currently any sponsorship opportunities. If you play your cards right, you can increase your sales dramatically when your product or service is featured somewhere that the masses can see in person.

An example of a great sponsorship opportunity is for people who supply interior design products to get in contact with employees from TV shows such as the Block or Better Homes and Gardens. Make sure your logo and business name are featured when making an agreement with the producers, this way you can make the most out of the sponsorship.

At Whitehat Agency, we have helped our clients generate excellent sales leads for their businesses. LinkedIn isn’t ideal for all companies to use for sales generation as every business has different and unique needs, but there are other avenues you can take to accelerate your business growth.

Contact us today to get advice on how you can grow your business and how to generate sales leads from LinkedIn with effective digital marketing.

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