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With countless users, more and more businesses are turning to social media marketing to connect with customers in a more personalised and meaningful way. Though these connections can be valuable, there are also social media faux pas that can drive users away, some of which businesses may commit unknowingly. Because this is the age of social media it is especially important to steer clear of these mistakes. Make sure your social media strategy is living up to its fullest potential with these tips.

1. Do Make Sure You Have a Completed Profile

If you have a business profile on social media, take a little extra time to fill out the about me sections or upload a picture. This makes your business seem more legitimate, while also making your social media accounts seem trustworthy. You want your social media marketing to be worth it, which can only happen if customers take your social media seriously.Completed Profile Image

2. Don’t Over Share

No one wants to follow someone who is posting on Facebook 12 times a day. As a result, over-posting could lose you followers. Focus on creating quality posts rather than constantly posting, it will provide more value.Over Share Image

3. Do Be a Good “Friend” on Social Media

Go ahead and retweet or share other businesses posts. In addition, interact with followers or respond to private messages. Because you’re making an effort, people will be more likely to promote you on social media if you do the same for them or take the time to build some relationships.Friends Logo

4. Don’t Skip Over Grammar and Punctuation

Social media is a more relaxed setting, but you’re still a business, and your social media marketing should reflect that. Read over any posts or tweets for errors and make sure to correct them. You want to represent your brand in a positive manner rather than a sloppy one.Punctuation Image

5. Do Respond to Problems Head On

Social media makes it incredibly easy for people to air their grievances, and they take advantage of that. So if you find your social media is suddenly the center of some controversy or being used as a sounding board for negative comments, don’t push it under the rug. Respond to people honestly and work to resolve the issues, rather than hide them.Problems Image


6. Don’t Just Stick to One Form of Content

Switch up the type of things you post on social media. It can be things like articles, polls, videos, or images. Rather than remaining static, varying content keeps your account interesting.Videos Image

7. Do Be Consistent

Just like you shouldn’t overload followers on content, you also shouldn’t deprive them of it. Make sure you are posting consistently (there are tools you can use to schedule automatic posts). Keep your social media updated with fresh content and users will respond accordingly.Calendar Image

8. Don’t Overdo It

You don’t necessarily need a profile on every single type of social media available. It might not necessarily be beneficial and as a result could lead to you feeling overwhelmed by too many accounts. Also, some types of social media just won’t make sense for your business. Therefore, choose the ones you think your customers will be most responsive to and go from there.Overdo Image

9. Do Be Patient

Finally, remain patient. You’re not going to gain a massive following overnight. Be consistent in your approach and work to build relationships (you know, the “social” part of social media) and you’ll see positive results. At times it’ll probably seem like nothing is happening, but keep trying. Don’t let a lack of immediate success discourage you!Patient Image

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