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Ecommerce SEO can increase revenue fast. You just need to know how the best way to achieve it.

According to the latest research, search engine optimisation offers a higher ROI than other digital marketing campaigns. Yet, so many online stores have been and still are developed without considering search engines.
Paid advertising and social media, which eCommerce businesses tend to use in place of SEO, can be very effective, however, to ensure you achieve success using these methods, you need to consistently put in money, time and effort.

In comparison, search engine optimisation requires less funding and less work. Once your website starts ranking and getting traffic, then you pretty much ride the gravy train. The sales make themselves!

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that, of course, but most businesses can get behind investing fewer resources and generating more sales. The best part is that you can do this relatively quickly with SEO.

Here are a few ways to increase revenues fast.

SEO Optimise Your Content

Search engine-optimise content that already exists on your website — especially content on your home page, product pages, category pages and blog posts. How? By incorporating keywords into your text and images inline with SEO best practices. Use relevant, popular keywords with buyer intent. Also use LSI keywords (words related to the target keyword) and longer, more specific keyword phrases known as long-tail keywords. This will get your website appearing for terms related to your products, leading to increased visibility, traffic and sales.


If you already have an active blog page on your ecommerce site, blog more. If you don’t, start blogging, and optimise your blog posts. This will help you rank in major search engines and generate organic traffic, leads and sales, as well as increase brand awareness. You only have to look at some blogging statistics to know that blogging is a good marketing move. Incredibly, websites that blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages.

Boost Page Speed

Page speed, the speed at which your site pages load, is a major Google ranking factor. It is critical for eCommerce SEO and can have an immediate effect on your store. Not only does page speed help when Google crawls your site, but it also helps with user experience. The average time spent on a website in 2021 is 62 seconds. The quicker a user gets to your product, the less chance they will become disinterested, giving you a better shot of capturing a sale. Tools like PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom help measure page speed and detect what could be slowing down your website.

Improve Site Structure

Website structure affects user experience and your search engine rankings, so work on improving it. Secure your store with HTTPS, which is important for ranking on Google and building trust with consumers. Start using breadcrumb navigation. Have an internal linking strategy, and use internal links to recommend related products, etc. These actions can have a significant impact on SEO and revenue

Optimise for Mobile

Is your eCommerce store mobile-friendly? Google loves mobile-friendly sites because people love shopping on their phones – 88% of all users infact. It’s the reason Google now uses mobile-first indexing when crawling websites. To optimise for mobile, look at your mobile design (should be responsive), page speed/load time and ease of navigation.

Unsure how your mobile site stacks up? Take this Mobile-Friendly Test.

Ecommerce SEO vs Ecommerce PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is the go-to marketing model of many eCommerce business owners. That’s because it is controllable, scalable and fast. You can start getting traffic and clicks as soon as you start a PPC campaign. The drawbacks of using PPC are that it is costly and competition for keywords is high. This means that you increasingly pay more and have to keep researching and selecting keywords to bid on, which can prove extremely time-consuming.

With search engine optimisation, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Organic SEO is cost-effective. Moreover, the effects are long-lasting. A well-optimised site can maintain a high position in SERPs for years.
In terms of downsides, SEO could take longer to work, often weeks or months. But, with the right approach, it is possible to increase revenue that is sustainable, quickly. The best overall marketing approach usually is to combine SEO with PPC and other marketing methods.

Interested in increasing your revenue fast using eCommerce SEO? Make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned above and you’ll be on your way. Alternatively, you can let our SEO specialists handle your search engine optimisation. Reach out to our results-driven team today.

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