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Wearable technology; it almost sounds like science fiction. But with products like Apple Watch and Google Glass emerging, suddenly it isn’t so far-fetched. As technology continues to evolve, so will the wearable tech. Researchers have recently developed technology that converts body heat to electricity in order to power wearable electronics. There’s no telling what’s next, but we’ve already seen the possibilities for how wearable technology can transform the workplace.Apple Watch Image

Wearables in the Workplace

Wearable tech can help improve productivity in the workplace in a number of ways. Wearable wrist displays or wireless headsets can help in the retail setting, so that workers may look up information all without ever having to leave the customer. This could increase productivity as well as customer satisfaction, since they’re getting information they need as quickly as possible.

In addition, some retailers are seeing wearable tech being used in the checkout process. Apps like PayPal or Apple Pay are becoming accessible on smart watches, expediting the payment process.

Another possible workplace use could be for trades like technicians or plumbers. Smartglasses could present them with instant and hands-free instruction manuals or schematics, improving overall working productivity.

A newer product called SmartCap is a hat that monitors brain waves and informs the user of their level of alertness. This could be incredibly helpful for jobs like truck driving, where fatigue can be very dangerous.Smart Glasses Image

Marketing Opportunities

As wearable technology continues to grow more popular, the opportunities for marketing expand. With a smartphone, we’re only a few clicks away from the information we want. We can launch a web browser or open up an app, and be right there. But with wearable technology, users are constantly connected. There is a constant stream of live data available, creating entirely new marketing opportunities. The location services at use on your smartphone could be dialed up to the next level, and the possibilities for businesses could open up in yet unseen ways.


Though wearable tech could bring many benefits, some users or workers might feel uncomfortable with this new level of closeness with technology. However, as it becomes more and more commonplace, many people might grow more comfortable with it. The Apple Watch, though not as prevalent as smartphones by any means, is beginning to grow in popularity. As this trend continues we might see wearable technology becoming more accessible and thus more approachable.

So there you have it! We’re already seeing the possibilities wearable tech could bring to the workplace, and as the capabilities continue to grow we could see even more. Businesses could also see changes come from wearable technology, as customers may now be more accessible than ever. As this new trend starts to take off, we could be seeing some very exciting changes in the very near future.

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