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Google Chrome announced on February 8, 2018, that a change will be implemented from July, marking all sites that have not yet been migrated to HTTPS as “not secure”.

For the past few years, in attempts to prompt webmasters to make the switch to HTTPS, Google offered incentives of ranking boosts, but with 35% of traffic still unprotected, there’s now a bigger push in play.

E-commerce and websites that rely on their page to generate leads will be severely affected, potentially deterring customers if a business URL displays the discouraging phrase “not secure”.

Why Switch To HTTPS?

Making the change to HTTPS will ensure your website is encrypted, securing details of the business and customer information contributing to the credibility and reliability of your brand.

It protects data from corruption or modifications in the transfer process between server and user in order to maintain data integrity.

The authentication of your website is susceptible to harm without a HTTPS encryption, being vulnerable to malware, intercepted information and potential advertisements leading to false check out pages.

To check the security of a website, look to the left of the URL address. If a ‘Not Secure’ sign appears, your site must be changed to HTTPS in order to retain and maintain a trusted relationship with customers.

Ensure that your business is protected from man in the middle attacks and keep your business and customers safe.

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